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            Using Twitter with Badges

            Users can now create an account or sign in with Twitter and award badges to Twitter users. Connecting your Twitter account to your profile also allows you to collect badges awarded to your Twitter URL.
            You must have a verified Twitter account prior to using these features.

            To Create a Badgr Account with Twitter
            1. Go to and click Create Account.
            2. Click the Twitter button.
            3. If you are not signed into Twitter, you will be prompted to do so.
            4. If you are already signed in to Twitter, you will see an Authorization Screen.                   
            5. Select the Authorize button to connect your accounts.
            Adding Twitter to a Badgr Account
            This will allow you to sign in with your Twitter account.
            1. Sign in to your Badgr account.
            2. From your Badgr Account menu, select Profile.
            3. Select the Twitter button shown under the Linked Accounts section.
              Twitter button

            4. Follow steps 3-5 from Create a Badgr account with Twitter.

            Awarding a Badge to a Twitter User 
            1. Sign in to your Badgr account.
            2. Select the Issuer from which you wish to award a badge.
            3. Select the badge you wish to award. 
            4. Use the dropdown under the Identifier field and select URL.
            5. Enter the full URL address of the twitter user. This usually starts with the Twitter URL followed by the Twitter users name.
              Twitter user

            6. You may optionally include a Recipient Name.
            7. Once you have entered in all the desired information, select the Award Badge button.
            Awarded badges do not appear in a Twitter feed unless the recipient shares it to Twitter.
            Badges may only be awarded to Twitter users one at a time. They cannot be awarded in bulk.

            Revoking Access
            If you no longer want Badgr to have access to your Twitter account, you may revoke access.
            1. Sign in to Twitter and select the More button under Profile. This button may also look like Ellipses, or 3 dots.
            2. Then, select the Settings and Privacy Menu.

            3. From there, find the Apps and Sessions menu under the Data and Permissions section.

            4. Select Badgr from the list of Apps.
            5. Once on the Badgr detail page, select Revoke Access to remove Badgr.

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