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            Troubleshooting: Triggering badge awards in Canvas courses

            Although Badgr awards badges automatically in Canvas courses, instructors or students must request a badge check from the Badgr server to trigger awards.
            Triggering a badge check

            1. The instructor can trigger the command by paging through the Progress view from the Badges menu.
              That will send a command to the Badgr server to check for badge awards for the 35 students that appear on that page. Page through all the students to check for all badges. 

            2. If you have a large course, you can use the CSV export button to check the entire course at once.

            Badgr Canvas instructor progress tab


            Students can trigger a check for their own badges by selecting the Badges menu within their course or by viewing a badge placed in a module.

            Badgr Canvas student progress tab

            For badges not awarding, see also: Troubleshooting: Enrollment not yet Accepted

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