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            Sharing badges from Badgr

            An advantage of Open Badges is that they can be displayed on a variety of Open Badges-compliant websites. Sharing your badges can be a great way to be recognized for an achievement, or to connect with other people interested in similar badging topics.

            In Badgr, you share can single badges or badge collections with users, websites, or social media. Badge collections allow you to curate a selection of appropriate badges to share with a particular audience.

            Sharing badges in Badgr
            1. Go to the Backpack or Collections tab.
            2. Select the SHARE button on the badge or collection.

            Badgr sharing badges

            Sharing Options

            There are a variety of ways in which you can share your badges or collections; via LINK, directly to SOCIAL media channels, or by using provided EMBED codes. Select the SHARE button to get started.

            Sharing via LINK
            1. If not selected, select the Link tab from the share dialog.
            2. Select the copy button.
            3. Paste the URL where you would like to share a link to your badge. (e.g. email, text, etc.).

                 Badgr share by link

            Sharing via SOCIAL
            1. Select the Social tab from the share dialog.
            2. If you share badges or collections with social media channels, you'll be required to log in with your credentials.
            3. For more details, visit the Sharing badges on social media page.

            Badgr share by social

            Sharing via EMBED
            1. Select which version of the badge you would like to embed, a CARD or BADGE view.
              1. The CARD view provides additional context for the badge. 
              2. The BADGE view provides a view of the badge.
              3. Both options contain the badge metadata.
            2. Select the COPY button.
            3. Paste the copied text wherever HMTL is allowed (e.g. your website, online portfolio, etc.).


            Sharing badge collections in Badgr
            1. Go to the Collections tab.
            2. Set the collection you want to share to Public.
            3. Select the SHARE button from the Collections page or the SHARE COLLECTION button from the Collection Detail page.


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