Sharing badges from within Canvas

            Although there are different ways users can view badges within Canvas, badge sharing features are only available through the Badges menu in a course.

            1. View and share badges from your course menu

            This is the place to share and interact with badges within Canvas.
            1. To begin, enter the Canvas course where you've been awarded a badge.
            2. Select the badge you want to share to open the Badge view.

              Badges menu

            3. Choose the social network button where you'd like to share your badge.
            4. Enter your account credentials into the dialog box to gain access to the social network.
            5. Post the achievement to your wall, stream or feed.
            share badge from Canvas

            2. View and Earn Badges within a course module
            1. Instructors may add the badge as a viewable item in the module and/or to require URL evidence. 
            module badge

            1. Clicking the badge item in the module produces a view of the badge. 

            badge view in module


            3. View Badges on account profiles
            Please note: You cannot interact or share your badges from your account profile.

            Canvas admins can enable this feature using custom XML. This allows learners to see all badges earned across all Canvas courses in one place. Once the XML is enabled, from the user's Canvas Account, select Profile then My Badges. Badges will be organized by the course in which they were earned.

            badges on profiles

            Updated: 10 May 2019 09:19 AM
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