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            This page lists many common questions users have about the Mozilla backpack transition to Badgr.

            Before the end of September 2019, Mozilla will send an email notification to users about the transition to Badgr.
            If you have a question that is not answered through our support pages, please email

            What is the Mozilla backpack to Badgr Backpack transition?

            • Mozilla was looking for a partner to take over maintenance of the Backpack and selected Badgr to fill that role. Badgr was selected for this work because of our alignment with Open Source tools, our reputation for high-quality work, and due to Badgr's set of features and core-offerings. Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation, summed up the transition in a blog post

            Why do I have to select a Badgr location? (coming soon!)

            • There are currently four Badgr locations. These locations are based on data centers, or servers. These servers are where your data is stored and impact the speed of your experience. Badgr's original server is based in the US. If you created an account before June 2018, your account is linked to the US server. In 2018, we added servers for Australia, Canada, and the EU. We recommend that Badgr users select a server closest to their location, as it will provide the best experience. If you attempt to sign in to a location (server) that is different from the one used during your account creation, you will NOT be recognized, and your sign in will fail. Please select "Change my Badgr location" on the Sign In page and choose the location associated with your account creation and try again.

            I selected a Badgr location and now I can't sign in.

            • Your Badgr location is linked to your account creation. If you created an account before June 2018, please select Badgr US and sign in again. See "Why do I have to select a Badgr location?" for more information. 

            How do I move my badges to a different location?

            • If you wish to move your badges and/or data to a different location, you can learn about your options here.

            Why are my badges invalid?

            • Unfortunately, some issuers are no longer in operation since awarding badges. Contact the original issuer for more information. If you previously had a Mozilla backpack, the good news is that the zip file attachment from Mozilla includes all of your earned badges and can be saved to your device(s). While only valid badges can be added to your Badgr Backpack, you always have access to those saved badges. 

            I have badges but none of them were uploaded to my backpack. Why?

            • Your badges are invalid and cannot be added to your Badgr Backpack. See "Why are my badges invalid?" for more information.

            Badgr sent a verification email to an email address I don't have access to. What do I do now?

            • A badge is associated with (awarded to) an email. This email needs to be verified by you before Badgr can add the badge to your Backpack. If you can no longer access an email associated with a badge, you have some options. You can save that badge (from the Mozilla zip file) to your device. You can also view that non-verified badge in your Backpack. It will be indicated by a "pending" status. If you are eventually able to access that email account, and can verify that email, the badge will appear active. If you prefer not to view the pending badge in your Backpack, you can always delete that associated email from your Profile. 

            I didn't get an email notification from Mozilla. What should I do?
            Please note the Mozilla email notification will be sent out by the end of April.

            • There are a few reasons why you may not have received an email notification from Mozilla.
              • There was a problem with your account or badges.
              • There was a problem with your email address.
              • The email may have been blocked somewhere along the delivery chain or caught in spam filter(s).

            • Here are the things you can do:
              • Check your spam folder(s).
              • Check any additional email addresses and accounts for the Mozilla notification.
              • Attempt to sign in to your Mozilla backpack backpack account and save each badge for upload to the Badgr server of your choice.

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            Updated: 08 Jul 2019 03:37 AM
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