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            Manually awarding badges in Badgr

            You can manually award a badge to an earner or group of earners, with optional Narrative or Evidence links, from your account at

            Manually awarded badges from do not appear in the Badgr for Canvas app  (see Using Badgr's leaderboard in Canvas). Visit our Bulk Award page for more information about awarding badges to groups of recipients. 

            Manually awarding a single badge
            1. Login into and select the Issuers tab from the navigation pane at the top of the screen.
            2. Select the issuer of the badge you would like to award.
            3. Go to Badge Classes section, under the "Pathways" and "Groups" sections.
            4. Find the badge you wish to award, click the Award button.
              1. Alternatively, you can also award a badge by opening the Badge detail page and selecting the Award button at the top

            Badgr awarding a badge

            Badge Award page
            1. Enter an email address into the Recipient Information field for whom you wish to award a badge.
              1. You may also award a badge to a URL or phone number.
            2. Evidence may be optionally included (see below).
            3. To send a notification email to the earner, along with a copy of their badge, use the Notify Recipient by Email checkbox.
            4. Click the Award Badge button.

            Including an optional Narrative or Evidence links with a badge award 

            Narratives and Evidence add robust details to an awarded badge, providing additional context and detail about the award. Narrative text supports Markdown and may include a description of how or what the earner did to meet the badge criteria. It could include a writing sample, quote, or reference. Click the Narrative button to add an overall narrative to the badge or the Evidence button to add an Evidence Item. Evidence Items can be a learning artifact and might include a link to a published article, a YouTube video, or an online project or photo gallery as well as a narrative describing that specific item.

            1. Enter the recipient information.
            2. Select the Narrative and/or Evidence buttons
              1. For the overall Narrative, you may use Markdown formatting to add more information to the badge
              2. For Evidence Items, each may include an external URL, a narrative, or both. The narrative of each item often is used to describe what is found at the URL so a badge consumer understands what the content is before viewing
              3. Enter information into the appropriate field(s).
              4. There is one overall Narrative and as many Evidence items as you wish.
              5. Select the Award Badge button to finish the process and award the badge.
            Badgr recipient information   Badgr additional information write example   

            View the awarded badge
            1. To view the awarded badge, go to the Issuer Detail page
            2. Find the badge under Badge Classes, then select the badge you wish to view.

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