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            Legal Badgr Release Notes - Dec 12, 2018


            [BGR-2130] - Badgr UI: The Apps menu on is not visible on sign in
            [BGR-2459] - Teachers are shown an error message when selecting the Analytics tab
            [BGR-2479] - Evidence collected in Canvas coursework is not stored in api (nor displayed in public assertion)
            [BGR-2535] - Badge size and position do not display correctly in LinkedIn
            [BGR-2589] - Can't access student email in courses for reasons other than non-accepted enrollment.
            [BGR-2594] - Duplicative form ids on badgeclass create/edit form
            [BGR-2603] - Prevent iframe embed for badgr-ui
            [BGR-2708] - After change Issuer cannot create new badge
            [BGR-2709] - After change issuer badge count is wrong
            [BGR-2716] - Tweak Badgebook Issuer list look
            [BGR-2753] - Firefox - Badges downloaded from download buttons do not have file extensions
            [BGR-2776] - The confirmation email for adding an email address logs the user out
            [BGR-2793] - Include Badge Name button deselects a different item
            [BGR-2824] - Password change notification email is not branded
            [BGR-2836] - Cannot create badge that does not expire
            [BGR-2837] - Field Validation for Expiry
            [BGR-2838] - Show default expiry on badgeclass page
            [BGR-2839] - Cannot remove expiry when awarding badge
            [BGR-2884] - White Label updates - remove redirect
            [BGR-2886] - STATIC_URL misconfiguration on staging
            [BGR-2887] - Redirect loop
            [BGR-2893] - Sharing embed badge from white label implementation is broken
            [BGR-2895] - DPA checkbox label's spacing is incorrect
            [BGR-2897] - Multiple specification versions are appended to a public URL
            [BGR-2905] - Sharing a badge to Pinterest fails and displays multiple errors
            [BGR-2925] - Error displays on empty issuer page
            [BGR-2926] - MSM Staging QA Pass
            [BGR-2934] - Error Teacher Authorizing LTI Instance
            [BGR-2954] - Migrations for badgebook do not run.
            [BGR-2958] - Badges and Leaderboard do not display for students


            [BGR-1278] - Display issuer name in Canvas once it has been selected
            [BGR-1280] - Display list of issuers used in account analytics
            [BGR-1281] - Allow back-out of mis-selected issuer
            [BGR-1460] - No expiration date for badge on recipient page
            [BGR-1519] - Add "expires" info to v2 docs
            [BGR-1926] - Badge creation locked to editor/owner
            [BGR-2069] - Google Analytics Updates for GDPR Compliance
            [BGR-2105] - For Open Badge Object views, default content type should be JSON.
            [BGR-2156] - Implement GDPR-compliant opt-in/notification in Canvas
            [BGR-2157] - Collect consent and update consent for teachers in Canvas
            [BGR-2413] - Update badgr-server readme detailing config settings
            [BGR-2427] - Badgr for Canvas - Issuer to agree to data processor agreement
            [BGR-2445] - Update disclosure verbiage for first badge award
            [BGR-2561] - - Issuer to agree to data processor agreement
            [BGR-2605] - Enable HSTS headers for
            [BGR-2666] - Create template: Collect consent and update consent for teachers in Canvas
            [BGR-2673] - Implement: Allow back-out of mis-selected issuer
            [BGR-2681] - Send KPI Report emails to requester staff user primary email
            [BGR-2686] - Admin workflow: Delete BadgeClass that is required by some elements
            [BGR-2703] - Print Certificate feature does not work for users with unicode characters in their profile name
            [BGR-2705] - Warning when uploading duplicate assertion to backpack
            [BGR-2720] - Update expired status presentation on public Assertion Detail page
            [BGR-2721] - Show expired status in collection pages
            [BGR-2724] - Publish BadgrApp cache on save
            [BGR-2732] - Issuer's badgeclass detail page should show 100 most recently awarded assertions
            [BGR-2761] - Add "Expiration" to Badges
            [BGR-2762] - Add Expiration Duration to BadgeClass Creation Page
            [BGR-2843] - LtiCredential admin detail page loads slowly


            [BGR-385] - Update suggested sharing copy for sharing assertions
            [BGR-1402] - Add unique identifier header to Canvas CSV report export
            [BGR-1511] - Design UI for choosing optional expiration date in forms for badgeclass
            [BGR-1512] - Update badgeclass and badge_instance model to support default expiration window
            [BGR-2540] - Configure job to restart celery workers nightly
            [BGR-2542] - Fix Whitelable SSL Certificate
            [BGR-2543] - Configure additional oauth2 providers for Global Datacenters in theme definition
            [BGR-2591] - Add slackbot to list of open graph user agents
            [BGR-2654] - UX: No email flow - add an email addy
            [BGR-2711] - link to log into badgr-ui as a user in /staff panel
            [BGR-2712] - ability to request badgeclass/assertion image preview in different aspect ratio
            [BGR-2715] - Fix Badge Collection sharing (in Linkedin, etc.) [GA Virtual School]
            [BGR-2717] - Update API memory cap to 768MB
            [BGR-2718] - Add logic to restart/re-deploy celery consumers nightly.
            [BGR-2722] - Show expiration date on issuer badgeclass detail assertion list
            [BGR-2730] - Badge detail page needs a copy update
            [BGR-2731] - Issuer detail page should have badgeclasses should be sorted by create date
            [BGR-2735] - MSM Legal Release
            [BGR-2736] - Merge client-badgr-server into csky-badgr-server
            [BGR-2760] - White Label: Eradicate "Badgr" from the white labels
            [BGR-2768] - Update requests library to address CVE vulnerability
            [BGR-2769] - Update cryptography library to address CVE vulnerability
            [BGR-2770] - Update django version to resolve CVE vulnerability
            [BGR-2774] - No email flow - confirm added email addy
            [BGR-2786] - badgr-server add db_index=True to 'created_at' fields
            [BGR-2787] - Create UI deployment job that does not enable_maintenance mode.
            [BGR-2791] - Request Email Address from Students
            [BGR-2801] - Create Staging environment for Whitelabel testing.
            [BGR-2807] - Add labels and placeholders to BadgeClass Expiration section
            [BGR-2808] - Fix Badge Assertion expiration section
            [BGR-2809] - Fix Badge Expiry pattern - expire label location and grayscale expired badges.
            [BGR-2810] - Add Privacy Policy to white label config (on/off) options
            [BGR-2816] - REST apis for admin triggering
            [BGR-2818] - update badgebook and badgr-ui to use the badgr-server APIs for share url generation
            [BGR-2822] - Bad messaging for unverified users / OAuth2 problems
            [BGR-2842] - Canvas does not see maintenance page when Badgr is in maintenance mode
            [BGR-2844] - Resolve Docker ECR permissions issue on non-US regions
            [BGR-2847] - Change SVGs to CSS pseudo elements so they can get colored with white label changes
            [BGR-2848] - Upload Pashpost Terms & Privacy Policy and update terms link in csky-badgr-ui theme definitions file
            [BGR-2863] - Update the TermsVersion with Legal Release
            [BGR-2865] - report failed login backoff to users
            [BGR-2866] - Forgot password should reset any throttling due to failed logins
            [BGR-2869] - Bump Open Badges validator version
            [BGR-2890] - QA Session - Ticket Review and Release QA (Legal)
            [BGR-2899] - Reset a user's login backoff from admin panel
            [BGR-2904] - QA Session - Release QA (Legal)
            [BGR-2910] - QA Session - Release QA (Legal RC2)
            [BGR-2915] - Whitelabel socialAccountProviders is broken
            [BGR-2917] - QA Session - Ticket Review
            [BGR-2918] - Enable DKIM for all Badgr Emails
            [BGR-2922] - QA Session - Release QA (Legal RC2)
            [BGR-2931] - QA Session - Release QA (Legal RC3)
            [BGR-2933] - QA Session - Release QA (Legal RC3)
            [BGR-2938] - QA Session - Ticket Review and Release QA (Legal RC4)
            [BGR-2951] - Legal Badgr Release
            [BGR-2961] - QA Session - Ticket Review (Legal RC5)

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