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            Knowledgable Badgr Release Notes - Nov 14, 2018


            [BGR-2602] - Move ALLOWED_HOSTS setting to settings_local
            [BGR-2617] - /o/token should restrict grant scopes defined by the ApplicationInfo
            [BGR-2629] - LinkedIn login SSO fails authentication
            [BGR-2687] - Unable to link SSO accounts
            [BGR-2690] - Canvas integrations from staging do not work
            [BGR-2802] - 500 error on Authentication API call after account creation in Pathways flow
            [BGR-2823] - QA Session - Release Checklist (Knowledgeable RC6)


            [BGR-2692] - LRNG cannot obtain token on staging


            [BGR-2284] - Switch bakery SVG XML parsing library
            [BGR-2285] - Protect against large and malicious images uploaded by users in resize feature
            [BGR-2288] - Deprecate and replace insecure user session management with v1 token
            [BGR-2291] - Validate/sanitize recipient name extension entry
            [BGR-2292] - Limit brute force login attempts
            [BGR-2313] - Implement password security requirements
            [BGR-2314] - Implement password security requirements - require password to change password
            [BGR-2635] - one time token exchange for access token during oauth handoff
            [BGR-2636] - do not display plaintext tokens in /staff
            [BGR-2637] - badgebook - deprecate legacy token usage
            [BGR-2639] - update api documentation for how to authenticate using /o/token
            [BGR-2647] - Log failed login attempts
            [BGR-2669] - Fix Badgr deployments / migrations
            [BGR-2671] - Make marketing opt-in ON/OFF configurable for white label
            [BGR-2672] - Ensure Opt-in features for terms adhere to white labeling / customer terms
            [BGR-2679] - QA Session - Ticket Review and Release QA (Knowledgeable RC1)
            [BGR-2688] - Trying to reset (actually set) password of acct created via FB OAuth returns 404
            [BGR-2691] - define AUTHCODE_SECRET_KEY for production/staging/review
            [BGR-2713] - QA Session - Ticket Review and Release QA (Knowledgeable RC2)
            [BGR-2723] - QA Session - Ticket Review and Release QA (Knowledgeable RC3)
            [BGR-2727] - Knowledgeable Release
            [BGR-2740] - QA Session - White Label Smoke Test
            [BGR-2771] - QA Session - Ticket Review and Release QA (Knowledgeable RC4)
            [BGR-2779] - Issuer-specific access tokens from v2/tokens/issuers expiring too soon
            [BGR-2790] - QA Session - Ticket Review and Release QA (Knowledgeable RC5)
            [BGR-2840] - some badgebook users are reporting 403 "Invalid token" after knowledgeable launch

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