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            Jazzy Badgr Release Notes - Oct 4, 2018


            [BGR-547] - The Badgr logo in top should link to info redirect
            [BGR-1787] - Badge collection sharing via URL does not link to public assertion of badges
            [BGR-1805] - Badgr Pro Analytics: render course link if cashed course name is not available
            [BGR-2362] - Pinterest does not display in Analytics
            [BGR-2469] - Assertion PUT endpoint should rebake image
            [BGR-2472] - Only some cached course names are displayed on My Badges from profile navigation
            [BGR-2538] - Selecting evidence link in modules does not load evidence page
            [BGR-2613] - Add a support page link to the "student has not accepted enrollment" flag in Canvas
            [BGR-2649] - Unable to import a badge to backpack via badge image
            [BGR-2650] - Card iframes for sharing do not display
            [BGR-2652] - Unable to add an image when creating or editing an issuer
            [BGR-2653] - Unable to add an image when creating a badge


            [BGR-1989] - Favicon customization for white label
            [BGR-2480] - badgr favicon has white background on
            [BGR-2509] - Make KPI delivery asynchronous, delivered by email
            [BGR-2515] - Switch auth_infos to raw_id_field for LmsCourseInfo detail admin page
            [BGR-2516] - Add owner to raw_id_fields for LmsAuthInfo admin detail screen
            [BGR-2518] - Generic favicon for open source project / undefined whitelabel
            [BGR-2546] - Add HTML5 input field types to forms: email, url, password, tel
            [BGR-2549] - Automatically send GDPR know-your-rights verbiage upon first assertion award
            [BGR-2592] - Fix Pathways badge image pattern


            [BGR-2045] - Create run migrations docker_entrypoint
            [BGR-2283] - Enforce issuer email verification requirement on badgr-server
            [BGR-2565] - upgrade allauth to 0.37.0
            [BGR-2596] - Create favicons for all existing white label sites (to support new feature)
            [BGR-2599] - Convert AU/EU/CA UI to docker containers.
            [BGR-2601] - Implement Content-Security-Policy Headers
            [BGR-2638] - QA Session - Ticket Review and Release QA (Jazzy RC1)
            [BGR-2640] - turn on "Trust email verification" checkbox for LRNG when we deploy Jazzy to prod
            [BGR-2641] - jazzy CHANGELOG and master merge
            [BGR-2651] - Configure DNS for demo whitelabel
            [BGR-2655] - QA Session - Ticket Review and Release QA (Jazzy RC2)
            [BGR-2659] - Verify HSTS behavior of subdomains.

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