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            Industrious Badgr Release Notes - Sept 18, 2018


            [BGR-492] - Change in primary address not reflected after change
            [BGR-667] - No confirmation when adding a badge via URL
            [BGR-779] - Adding an email address that already exists to an account needs a better error message
            [BGR-2281] - Download badge workflow is broken (impacts Canvas users too)
            [BGR-2385] - Bad error message when trying to remove all linked SSO accounts when created via SSO
            [BGR-2438] - Canvas integrations are not being automatically created for non-teacher users
            [BGR-2439] - Students see the pre-authorization error when the teacher hasn't Authorized the app (viewed the Badges screen)
            [BGR-2462] - Firefox - SVG badge images do not display when grouped by issuer
            [BGR-2488] - Add New Objective button isn't styled correctly.
            [BGR-2491] - empty state for backpack has a broken link
            [BGR-2492] - Update superagent package for CVE vulnerability
            [BGR-2536] - SVG Badges shared from staging do not display in Pinterest
            [BGR-2537] - Badgr for Canvas integration doesn't work with staging
            [BGR-2552] - Unable to import badges created with SVG files
            [BGR-2554] - Badge does not stop displaying on Progress view when revoked


            [BGR-1131] - Rebake all badge images with new v2 JSON and canonical id
            [BGR-1180] - Update emails to respect white label
            [BGR-2040] - Marketing email addy extraction for zoho upload
            [BGR-2240] - Add Share to Pinterest to Canvas & Pro Analytics
            [BGR-2511] - Award badges to email addresses in canvas courses even if not immediately available in enrollment


            [BGR-2335] - background task to update BadgeObjectiveAwards with emails where possible
            [BGR-2368] - Add external badges to student views
            [BGR-2519] - Build dockerized version of badgr-server
            [BGR-2534] - QA Session - Ticket Review and Release QA (Industrious RC1)
            [BGR-2551] - QA Session - Ticket Review and Release QA (Industrious RC2)
            [BGR-2584] - industrious CHANGELOG and merge to master

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