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            Award badges in a module and/or include evidence in the badge award

            Awarding Badges in Module

            Teachers now have the ability to add the badge as an element in the module in so that students can view the module completion badge right alongside other modules. This also opens up a new option to require learners to submit an evidence URL in addition to completing module requirements to earn the badge.

            Here's how to add a badge to a module:

            1. Set up course modules, assign module completion rules, and assign badges to modules.
            2. Add a new item to the module by clicking  '+'
            3. Use the drop-down menu to select 'External Tool'

              Add External Tool

            4. Select the custom link highlighted in blue. The name of the link may vary because it can be set by the staff member who installs Badgr into Canvas. The name shown on your configuration screen will be different than the "" text shown here.
            5. Do not change the URL field.
              1. The default page name, "Submit Badge Evidence' but may be changed to something more descriptive if evidence is not being collected. Consider renaming it "Claim your badge" or something similar.
              2. Clicking the 'Load in a new tab' box will affect both student and teacher views. We recommend not selecting this option for best experience within the Canvas course.
              3. Once you have clicked the link, the 'URL' and 'Page Name' fields will populate with default settings.

                External Tool URL

            6. Use the Indentation feature to organize items within a module.
            7. Be sure to publish the item when you are ready for students to access it.

            Evidence URLs in an Open Badge 

            If you'd like to require Evidence when awarding a badge, it can be part of the badge's portable data. Evidence URLs can point to many types of student work: a video, a collection of photos, some code, a Google Docs file accessible by URL, or any other type of ePortfolio item. Anything that has a publicly accessible URL may be used, but note that this URL will be included in the badge, so students should not be directed to submit URLs that contain sensitive personal information they would not wish to share with their earned badge.

            The URL submission field will be presented to students only if required for completion. the submitted URL is not stored within the course data, it is baked into the badge awards.

            To allow students to submit 'Evidence' to their badge:
            1. Log into the course as a Teacher.
            2. Click the badge item in the module that you added by following the instructions above.
            3. If you'd like to require evidence, indicate by clicking the box.
            4. Click 'Next' or go back to 'Modules'
            5. Repeat these steps as necessary for the remaining modules.

              Require evidence

            Teachers should view the 'Progress' page to access student submitted 'Evidence' URLs

            Depending upon how your module completion rules are set, the badges may display differently when viewing the Progress tab. Completed modules with badge awards appear in color while un-awarded badges are grayed out. If evidence is required, a small icon appears on the badge. If the icon is yellow, a URL has been submitted by the student.


            earned badge, no evidence required

            unearned badge, evidence submitted

            evidence baked into earned badge

            unearned badge
            earned badge
            evidence required, unearned badge
            evidence submitted, unearned badge
            evidence submitted, earned badge


            Below, Kelly has been awarded a badge for the Terminology module and has submitted an evidence URL for two modules: Learning Examples and Linear Equations. The teacher has reviewed and awarded a badge for one module, but not the other module.

            Clicking the badge on the 'Progress' screen provides additional detail and allows the teacher to view the URL evidence submitted by the student. The teacher reviews the student-submitted work and determines if the student meets the completion requirements and triggers the badge award.

            Below are views of the badged activity showing one with the badge awarded and one without.

            evidence submitted, unearned badge
            badge award with URL

            evidence submitted, earned badge

            Student View

            Students will see the badge as an item in each module. In the example below, the 'Terminology' module displays the badge in the module. After completing the Math Terminology assignment, students will be taken to the completion badge page when they click Next. The 'Learning Examples' module indicates that a student should submit evidence to earn the badge. The teacher has adjusted the names of each page to match the intended use.

            With a simple click, students can view the badge to see if they have earned it. If they have, they can download the badge right from the page as a portable record in Open Badges image format, just like they can from the Badges app in their course navigation. If the badge requires evidence, they will see an input form to submit a URL, like below.

            For badges that require evidence, students can edit the URL until the completion requirements for the module are met. Once the module completion requirements are met, the badge is automatically awarded.

             student adds URL to badge

            Once the badge is awarded, a student can go back to the badge item and download a portable copy. At this point, the URL cannot be edited.

            When the student visits the Badges tab in their course, they can see evidence submission status for each badge in the course.

            student learning path with evidence

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