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            Editing a badge in Badgr

            Use Caution when Editing Badges!

            Open Badges circulate in social networks and across many systems. If the badge metadata is edited after a badge is awarded and baked, the users who received it before your edits may have shared a version of their badge that does not automatically get updated. You may wish to consider creating a new badge using the updated metadata if you wish to continue awarding badges for future earners with a revised meaning.

            If you wish to create a new badge, see Creating badges as an issuer in Badgr 

            Editing a badge class
            1. Go to the Issuer section of your account.
            2. Select the Issuer that defined the badge you wish to edit.
            3. Select the badge you want to edit.
            4. From the badge detail page, select the ellipsis icon near the top right of the page. Then select EDIT.

            Badgr editing a badge

            Make edits and select SAVE CHANGES

            Updated: 25 Apr 2019 08:15 AM
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