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            Eager Badgr Release Notes - June 7, 2018

            • Badges deleted from Badgr backpack can't be re-added
            • Twitter share is missing copy
            • iOS app cannot login
            • Update id of remote-sourced badge objects in JSON views to be their source url
            • The share dialog for collections displays incorrectly after viewing a badge share dialog

            • Create Badgr Contribution Guide
            • Verify documentation and installation
            • Prune merged branches on bitbucket for badgr-server and badgr-ui
            • Update Provided By/Powered By in theme
            • Assertion PUT endpoint
            • Add OAuth orientation message to white label/theme
            • Pagination of Assertions endpoint

            • Badgr-server - report used badgeclasses to
            • Rewrite
            • Define a CHANGELOG
            • Confirm GitHub ISSUE template
            • Badgr UX - Add integration points for external app - Pathways
            • Freeze and put warnings on deprecated bitbucket repos
            • Fix badgr-server test failures related to invalid extensions
            • Collection: Clicking on badge takes user to My Badges

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