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            Customize the Badgr site with your logo and branding

            Green check markBadgr offers a customized white label package at reasonable prices

            Our white label services include customizations that allow your brand to be front and center in the application. Let your users and clients experience badging through your organization's lens. Badgr's front end branding wrapper can display your company's color and logo throughout the user experience to support your program(s) in a whole new way.

                  • Branding and color customization for the entire interface.
                  • Customized welcome message that appears on the home page.
                  • Custom menu of links to connect badging to your program(s) and website.
                  • Logged out users may be redirected to a URL such as your organization's website.
                  • Customization of the footer including changing or turning on or off links.
                  • If the white-label subscription expires, badges will be stored persistently with Badgr branding.
                  • Free user accounts for all your staff and badge earners on your own custom domain.
                  • Setup typically takes 2-4 weeks.
                  • Very affordable!


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            We are continuously looking for ways to improve the features Badgr has to offer and have a robust feature roadmap already planned. However, should you have an interest in features that do not fall on our roadmap, we offer our development services on a time and materials basis from our pool of 70 designers, developers and support staff. We strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and have retained a staff of world-class programmers who are among the best in their field to help us achieve that goal. We offer discounted rate rates if you’re willing to open source the resulting work for the benefit of the greater community.

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