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            Creating a collection of badges in Badgr

            In Badgr, you can create a collection of your earned badges to organize your badges which can then be shared in one fell swoop with collaborators, social media or embed on websites or in job applications. Badges added to collections may originate from Badgr or another platform.
            Creating a badge collection in Badgr
            1. Sign in to your preferred Badgr server (Australia, Canada, European Union, United States).
            2. From the Collections menu, select Create Collection.  
            3. Enter a Name and Description, then select Create Collection.

            Badgr Create Collection

            Add badges to your collection

            Once you have created a collection, there are 2 ways can add badges to the collection.

            1. Add a single badge to a collection. 
              1. From the Backpack menu, select the badge you want to view the details.
              2. Add it to a collection by selecting the button. 
            Add badge to collection

            2. Add many badges to a collection. 
            1. Select which collection you would like to add badges to from the Collections menu.
            2. Select the box that corresponds to which badges you'd like to add.  If you have many badges, use the filter feature to find badges quickly.

            Click SAVE CHANGES to finish.


            Badgr add badges

            Making a collection public

            1. Changed the PUBLIC toggle from OFF to ON to be able to share your collection with others
            Bagdr collection public toggle

            1. This can also be done from within a collection

            Once you've created a Collection you can share it via URL on email, social media, or anywhere you need to talk about your badges. See Sharing badges from Badgr.

            Updated: 26 Sep 2019 07:55 AM
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