Creating a collection of badges in Badgr

            See How do I upload a badge I've earned to my Badgr Backpack?

            In Badgr, you can add a badge to a badge collection, which allows you to curate a selection of badges you have earned to share with collaborators, social media or embed on websites or in job applications. 

            Creating a badge collection in Badgr

            From the Collections tab, click Add Collection.  On the Add Badge Collection window, enter a Name and Description for your collection.

            Add badges to your collection

            Once you have created a collection, there are 2 ways can add badges to the collection.

            1. Add a single badge to a collection. From the My Badges tab, click on the badge you want to add to a collection. 

            Click the "+" button next to Add to Collection (if you have not created a collection, you can CREATE A NEW COLLECTION)


            2. Add many badges to a collection. From the Collections tab, click on the collection for which you would like to add badges.

            Click the MANAGE BADGES button. Click the box to select which badges you'd like to add.  If you have many badges, use the filter feature to find your badges more quickly.

            Click APPLY to finish.




            Once you've created a Collection you can share it via URL on email, social media, or anywhere you need to talk about your badges. See How do I share my badges in Badgr?

            Updated: 19 Feb 2019 07:32 AM
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