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            Comparing Badgr Pro with Badgr for Canvas

            Badgr for Canvas awards Open Badges automatically as students complete course modules. Recognize any educational objective tracked in Canvas with a portable, verifiable badge. 

            Badgr for Canvas is free to use in all Canvas courses. Data for this service may be housed in any of our Badgr servers (Australia, Canada, European Union or U.S.)

            Badgr Pro accounts are now available, offering rich learning analytics to help teachers and administrators understand badging activity at their institutions. Badgr Pro analytics may be purchased on a per-issuer basis. Wherever this issuer is used in Canvas (a sub-account or the entire account), courses will be enabled with Pro features including Analytics. The list of which issuers are covered under the institutional account may be changed at any time by request. 


            Badgr for Canvas

            (available in all locations)

            Badgr Pro for Canvas

            (available in all locations)

            Five-minute install and easy configuration

            Award badges automatically for module completion in Canvas Courses

            Portable and verifiable badges compatible with Open Badges Specification

            Free badge hosting on Badgr's cloud infrastructure

            Students don't need a Badgr account

            Learners share badges to social media services

            Gamify courses with a privacy-protecting leaderboard

            Real-time view of course progress for teachers and students

            Student profile page showing badges earned across all Canvas courses

            CSV course progress export

            Student opt-in to receive badges (optionally enabled)

            See externally awarded badges in Canvas courses

            Course analytics for teachers


            Account analytics for admins


            Data storage options outside the U.S.


            Email us to inquire about subscription pricing, consulting services, and support options.

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