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            Charlie Badgr Release Notes - June 27, 2019

            1. [BGR-2989] - Pathways' markdown implementation is inconsistent with Badgr's
            2. [BGR-3463] - 500 error on poorly authenticated attempt to authorize oauth2 connection
            3. [BGR-3569] - Redirect to if collection UI link 404s when attempting to request collection from API
            4. [BGR-3831] - Assertion sharing URLs should not include version param
            5. [BGR-3842] - Typo on badge creation page - "Badge .Basics" in sidebar
            6. [BGR-3849] - Firefox/Safari Open badge detail in new tab redirects to login page
            7. [BGR-3865] - When alignment is opened and then closed, badge cannot be created.
            8. [BGR-3868] - Inconsistency in external criteria URL placement
            9. [BGR-3883] - menu is not working for a user
            10. [BGR-3890] - In chrome: add alignment button text disappears on focus
            11. [BGR-3918] - CSP issue prevents Badgr opening in Firefox on Windows
            12. [BGR-3919] - SSO links are broken on review
            13. [BGR-3920] - Firefox icons don't load: Change CSP default-src to 'self' for badgr-ui
            14. [BGR-3946] - Badge import failure error message is broken
            15. [BGR-3957] - White label email templates are not being honored for email notifications
            16. [BGR-3964] - Unable to login with some SSO accounts
            17. [BGR-3996] - Re-enable ALLOWED_HOSTS
            18. [BGR-3998] - Fix migrations entrypoint on charlie
            19. [BGR-4005] - BadgrAccountAdapter misbehaves when request has no data
            20. [BGR-4006] - Internal server error - issuing assertion
            21. [BGR-4053] - UI can't handle missing evidence field on public
            22. [BGR-4128] - Backpack assertions not showing up in /v2/assertions/changed
            23. [BGR-4153] - oAuth with Badgr is broken by new welcome screen if you are already logged in
            24. [BGR-4154] - Embed collection does not display proper collection title
            25. [BGR-4155] - Unable to edit an existing expiration duration on a badge class
            26. [BGR-4160] - LinkedIn SSO is broken: Authentication Error
            27. [BGR-4166] - UI Auth Code Exchange not working
            28. [BGR-4179] - Firefox embed does not work
            29. [BGR-4217] - Issue by badgeclassName fails intermittently
            30. [BGR-4218] - Evidence Icon displays as grey when it should be yellow
            31. [BGR-4219] - Submit badge evidence items fail to load.

            1. [BGR-2098] - Remove version string from sharing link in issuer award list
            2. [BGR-2986] - Share evidence with classmates
            3. [BGR-3301] - Add view for "Coming from Mozilla?" notification on empty backpack page
            4. [BGR-3307] - New badgr-ui welcome screen for new users
            5. [BGR-3312] - Adds views for oAuth confirmation screens
            6. [BGR-3501] - Mozilla Content Feedback
            7. [BGR-3770] - Welcome and Empower Mozilla Backpack incomers
            8. [BGR-3798] - Setup client SSO & hide email/password login for client
            9. [BGR-3803] - As a user, I do not need an email address if I log in via SSO so I can receive, award badges, or be staff on an issuer
            10. [BGR-3837] - Create badge has bogus description
            11. [BGR-3856] - Update amount of celery_badgebook consumers on CA/AU/EU
            12. [BGR-3858] - Handle source=mozilla on account creation and login
            13. [BGR-3884] - 'Login as user' feature should work for users that don't have an email address
            14. [BGR-3895] - Prevent Duplicates on Assertion APIs
            15. [BGR-3915] - Award BadgeClass by Name
            16. [BGR-3948] - Release Charlie Badgr (CA, US, AU, EU + clients)
            17. [BGR-3970] - generate random filenames for CSVs
            18. [BGR-3979] - Change term "badge class" to "badge" in UI
            19. [BGR-3990] - UI to include ?include_pending=true on get backpack pages API call
            20. [BGR-4150] - As a staffer who was added by staff migration tool, I can login with SSO

            1. [BGR-3265] - Provide AWS configuration information for Blacklist stack
            2. [BGR-3268] - Implement Federated Backpack for demo
            3. [BGR-3614] - - Update Security Headers to appease Mozilla Scan
            4. [BGR-3636] - UX for changes to support URL-based recipient identifiers
            5. [BGR-3660] - Add lang="en" attribute for WCAG A compliance
            6. [BGR-3675] - Remove "Sign in to get started" on sign in screen, simplify
            7. [BGR-3710] - Write tests for: Update blacklist utils to operate with non-email hash "type"
            8. [BGR-3751] - Deploy first Charlie build to review
            9. [BGR-3779] - Deploy first Charlie build to test
            10. [BGR-3807] - Staging blacklist is not functioning
            11. [BGR-3823] - Staging account creation is producing 500 errors.
            12. [BGR-3828] - Deploy csky-badgr-server:v3.14.4 to test and aws staging
            13. [BGR-3835] - Auto verify e-mail addresses for Corporate SSO without verification e-mail requisite
            14. [BGR-3852] - Re-enable missing queue alerts on Non-US Clusters
            15. [BGR-3869] - button text disappearing on focus
            16. [BGR-3876] - mailto link broken
            17. [BGR-3880] - Mobile styling issue on
            18. [BGR-3888] - Fix random 400 errors on startup
            19. [BGR-3937] - mime type issue
            20. [BGR-3938] - CSP header needs update
            21. [BGR-3939] - gtm id attempting to load UA id, and failing in firefox/safari
            22. [BGR-3941] - After email verification is requested, reupload baked image
            23. [BGR-3950] - Collection/Badge embed is not working
            24. [BGR-3997] - send source=mozilla up with registration form
            25. [BGR-4002] - v2 API: Revoke Badge Returns Empty response
            26. [BGR-4003] - v2 API: 500 error revoking already revoked badge
            27. [BGR-4034] - As a user, I should be able to dismiss the "Coming from Mozilla?" notification.
            28. [BGR-4067] - Uploading invalid file type produces no error message to user.
            29. [BGR-4073] - API feature: Fetch assertions for a set of recipients in an issuer
            30. [BGR-4085] - Importing a zip, causes odd behavior for future imports
            31. [BGR-4151] - autologin url is not working
            32. [BGR-4156] - Cannot create badges
            33. [BGR-4157] - "View" link does not show assertion
            34. [BGR-4172] - cannot create new account
            1. [BGR-3228] - Client OpenID Connect federated Login
            2. [BGR-3357] - Add query param to Badgr UI Sign In / Sign Up screens to express intent of coming via Mozilla Transition e-mail
            3. [BGR-3358] - Create interstitial "Welcome" view after Sign-Up process
            4. [BGR-3359] - After welcome screen or login show "Upload your badges" modal over Backpack
            5. [BGR-3361] - UploadBadgeModalComponent add "Bad manifest zip" state for template
            6. [BGR-3362] - UploadBadgeModalComponent add "No badges manifest zip" state for template
            7. [BGR-3363] - UploadBadgeModalComponent add "Manifest has unverified e-mails" state for template
            8. [BGR-3364] - UploadBadgeModalComponent issue assertions to verified & unverified recipient via Badgr after dropzone upload
            9. [BGR-3365] - Add serializer field representing "Pending" state for a badge awarded to an unverified e-mail
            10. [BGR-3366] - Allow Badgr to import remote BadgeInstances to unverified e-mails
            11. [BGR-3367] - Allow Sign-up to accept a query parameter which can fill a default email address
            12. [BGR-3368] - Create error message for email associated with Badgr account
            13. [BGR-3589] - Add Security Headers to
            14. [BGR-3612] - UI - Update Security Headers to appease Mozilla Scan
            15. [BGR-3613] - API - Update Security Headers to appease Mozilla Scan
            16. [BGR-3632] - Create allauth OAuth2 provider for client
            17. [BGR-3633] - Support URL-based recipient identifiers
            18. [BGR-3640] - Handle Url in UserProfileSerializer
            19. [BGR-3664] - Basic UI unit tests
            20. [BGR-3760] - OpenBadges.createContentEl call needs to use
            21. [BGR-3777] - investigate opening badge import with route
            22. [BGR-3785] - Manage Issuer Staff based on URL-type identifier associated with user account
            23. [BGR-3801] - Deploy csky-badgr-ui:0e92cb2 to
            24. [BGR-3815] - Update Issuer Staff page to handle non-email identifiers
            25. [BGR-3942] - Fix Mozilla Styling Issues
            26. [BGR-3945] - BUG: Drag and Drop does not trigger processing
            27. [BGR-4000] - Accept multiple assertions as query parameters from issuerjs
            28. [BGR-4069] - Recipient should be able to delete a pending assertion
            29. [BGR-4070] - Public page should 404 for a pending badge
            30. [BGR-4071] - Show pending flag on pending badges in UI private detail view
            31. [BGR-4072] - Disable Share option for pending badges
            32. [BGR-4077] - Redirect user to /welcome if they need to be welcomed after email confirmation
            33. [BGR-4167] - Coming From Mozilla panel only appears if configured for theme

            Updated: 15 Nov 2019 06:53 AM
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