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            Changing the default issuer in a Canvas course

            Instructors now have the ability to change the default issuer in a course.

            You may only have one issuer associated with each course. You may use the same issuer or a different issuer in other courses. You may award as many badges to modules in the course.

            Creating an Issuer for the first time

            1. The first time you select the badges menu in a course, you may create a new issuer or select from previously defined issuers. If you use the same email address in both places, you will have access to the same Issuer in both places. There are two ways to create an issuer. 
              1. You can create an issuer and badges in Canvas.
              2. You can create an issuer profile in Badgr (outside of Canvas).

            Selecting an existing Issuer from the list of Issuers
            1. In a new course, you may be presented with Issuers you have already created or issuers that have been shared with you
            2. Identify the issuer (and badges) you wish to use in the course and click the SELECT ISSUER button.

              Canvas Badgr my issuers

            3. Once you have selected an issuer, you will be presented with a table that includes a row for every module in the course. You can associate badges with modules using the down arrow. 

            Changing the default Issuer in a course
            1. Select the Change Issuer link below the table to change the default issuer associated with the course.
              1. Although you can award many different badges in a course, you may only have one issuer associated with a course. You may use the same issuer or a different issuer same in other courses.
                Canvas badgr objectives tab change issuer

            2. After selecting the Change Issuer link, you'll be taken back to the list of issuers where you can select a different one.
              1. Note the first issuer you selected is indicated with a check mark and offers the ability to Deselect the Issuer.

                Canvas Badgr my issuers deselect issuer

            3. When Deselect the existing Issuer or Selecting a new Issuer, you'll be presented with a dialog box asking you to confirm the action.
              1. Note that you will need to reassign badges to modules if you change the issuer.
                Canvas change issuer warning

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            Updated: 13 May 2019 03:03 PM
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