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            Awarding badges to a group of recipients (in bulk) through Badgr

            The first step to awarding a badge in bulk is to upload the list of recipients, then awarding the badge.

            You have created an Issuer in Badgr (see Creating an issuer profile in Badgr)

            Manually awarded badges won't appear in the Badgr for Canvas LTI unless you have purchased a Badgr Pro for Canvas subscription (see Badgr Pro for Canvas: Tracking Externally Awarded Badges). 

            Uploading a list of badge recipients
            1. Log in to your account at
            2. Select the ISSUERS tab.
            3. Create a new issuer or select the issuer name you would like to issue badges for.
            4. Scroll past the Pathways and Groups sections to Badge Classes.
            5. Find the badge you want to issue and select the AWARD button.
              Alternatively, you may select the badge itself and issue from the badge detail page.

              Badgr badge class section

              Badgr badge view

            6. You may issue a badge to an individual from here.
            7. To upload a list of badge recipients, select the Bulk Issue link.

            8. You may upload a CSV file that contains two required fields:
              1. Email (required for each recipient)
              2. Evidence (optional for each recipient)

              3. Please note: A value is required in the Email field, but not the Evidence field.

            9. Once your file is prepared according to instructions, you may drag it into the FILE area.
              Alternatively, you may click the CSV image to produce a dialog box to select the file.

            Badgr bulk award page

            Use the Sample Template as a guide, your first few times.
            Sample Excel bulk amend template

                  10. Match the columns in your file to Badgr's system using the drop-down arrows.

                  11. Click the CONTINUE button when you are finished.

            Badgr bulk award file matching

            Awarding a badge in bulk
            1. Now you are ready to issue the badge to multiple recipients.

            2. Be sure to click the Notify recipient by email box (if applicable).

            3. Click ISSUE BADGE.
            4. You will be returned to the badge detail page where you may view the recent and past awards.

            Updated: 09 Sep 2019 07:05 AM
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