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            Allowing others to create and award badges with a shared issuer ("manage staff")

            To share an issuer, sign in to your Badgr (AU, CA, EU) account.

            1. Select the issuer you wish to share.
            1. Select the MANAGE STAFF button to add users to your issuer.
            1. Add additional users via email address

              manage staff

            1. Owners - Typically the creator of the Issuer, the owner can add or remove other editors and staff members. The owner has full rights to create, delete and award badges.
            1. Editors - may create, delete and award badges. They also have permission to edit the Issuer information.
            1. Staff member - can only issue badges that have been created by editors or owners.

            Sharing an issuer through Canvas
            • The first teacher in your Canvas course that clicks the Badges menu item (and thus, is the first to access the Badgr app), will be able to set up the badge issuer profile for the course.
            • Once the issuer profile is created or selected, any teacher in the Canvas course who accesses the Badgr app, by clicking the Badges menu will have "write" access to the Issuer and can edit the award settings.
            • To share an issuer and badges with other Instructors, invite the other instructor to a course where Badgr has been installed and an issuer has been created.
            • The visiting instructor should click the Badges menu, then they will see the Issuer profile and be automatically added to it.
            • Once a teacher is associated with the issuer, they will have access to the same issuer in their other courses.
            • The visiting teacher can then go to any other Canvas course as an Instructor and when they click the Badges menu, they will be able to use the existing issuer or create a new one.

            Any additional teachers added to your course can assist with creating an issuer and badges and controlling badge objectives on course modules (see Instructure's How do I add users to a course?

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