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            Adding an External badge to a Badgr Pathway

            When you are authoring a pathway and the Required Badge you wish to use doesn't appear in the search results under My Badges or the Directory, you may import the badge using the Add External Badge feature or you may create a new badge.

            Use to ensure the badge you wish to add includes the metadata.
            1. If the badge already appears in My Badges or the Directory, a duplicate badge will not be created.
            2. You may upload badges from any platform as long as they adhere to the Open Badges standard.
            3. You may upload badges that have previously been awarded by image file, URL or JSON.
            4. You may upload badges that have not been awarded by URL or JSON.
            5. Badges should be in .png or .svg format for uploading.

            Adding an External Badge to a Pathway
            1. Select the element where you want to add the badge.
            2. Search My Badges and/or the Directory to find the badge you wish to use.
            3. If it is not present in either location, select Add External Badge.

              View of Pathway authoring

            4. Once selected, a sidebar window will slide into view, providing a mechanism to upload the badge.
            5. Users can drag and drop the image or select a file for upload. 
            6. Checking the box, Add to Badge Directory, will ensure the badge is available to other Pathway authors in the future. If this box is not checked, the badge will not be available to be added to any other pathways without being uploaded again.

            7. Users can also access the Advanced Option features which allow badge uploads via a Badge URL or Badge JSON.

              advance upload options

            8. Once the badge has been added to the Pathways app, it can be added to the Pathway you are authoring.

            Creating a New Badge
            1. If you wish to create a new badge for the pathway, select the Create New Badge button.
            2. You will be redirected back to your Badgr account where you can create a new badge associated with the Pathway Issuer.

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