Troubleshooting: Authorization Code

Error: Please ask a Canvas Admin to check that the Badgr Developer Key is enabled.​

On rare occasions, you may be presented with an error message in Canvas. We are working to make the error messages more meaningful, but in the meantime, you may find some helpful tips below. The tips below are suggested actions based on past experience. They may not resolve the issue in every circumstance. Feel free to contact with questions.


Error may also be: Client+does+not+have+access+to+the+specified+Canvas+account

If you see the error reading, "Please ask a Canvas Admin to check that the Badgr Developer Key is enabled." when you select the Badges menu in a Canvas course, you may need to adjust your Canvas settings (instructions below). This error previously read: Unauthorized_Client



Instructure-hosted Solution
An admin can turn Badgr's client id on for the current canvas account in Developer Keys > Inherited.
  1. As a Canvas admin, navigate to the root account.
  2. Select the Developer Keys menu. 
  3. Select the "Inherited" tab and ensure Badgr is set to "ON".


Self-hosted Canvas Instances

A user of self-hosted canvas found that a faulty Redis setup can yield the same error. Redis is required for OAuth to work in Canvas. All self-hosted clients should turn the ignore_redis_failures setting to false.