Troubleshooting: 500 Error getting data: Unable to retrieve modules for course:

On rare occasion, you may be presented with an error message in Canvas. We are working to make the error messages more meaningful, but in the meantime, you may find some helpful tips below. The tips below are suggested actions based on past experience. They may not resolve the issue in every circumstance. Feel free to contact with questions.

500 Error getting data: Unable to retrieve modules for course: <Response 401>


Possible causes:

  • Holding both a teacher and student role in the course with two different email addresses associated with a single Badgr account. When this happens, the system does not know which permission (teacher or student) to serve to the user. (e.g. An instructor uses "" in the role of instructor in a Canvas course. The instructor has added an additional email address,  "", to their Badgr account.  The instructor uses the additional email address "" in a student role in the same Canvas course.
     Remove the test student from the course or disassociate the email address from the Badgr account.

  • Course and/or modules are not published.
    Publish the course and modules, ensure you are enrolled as a teacher.

  • The Canvas Authorization Token isn't working for your course. If the above two troubleshooting processes do not resolve the issue, then this is likely what is going on. 

Remedy: Contact to have your authorization token reset. In your email, describe the error, provide a screenshot  of the error message and the course URL, and include the fact that you have gone through the troubleshooting process so that the support team does not direct you back to this page.