Triggering badge awards in Canvas courses

If students have completed the module and have not yet received their badge, you may need to trigger a badge check.

Although Badgr awards badges automatically in Canvas courses, instructors or students must request a badge check from the Badgr server to trigger awards.

Badgr and Canvas's databases do not maintain a constant connection with each other. Triggering a badge check signals Badgr to check the module completion status for every student for each module containing a badge. Badgr then awards badges for completed modules.

Triggering a badge check


  • The instructor can trigger badge awards by selecting the "Badges" menu option, then selecting the "Progress" tab. Badgr will automatically begin checking for badge awards for the 35 students listed on the first page. Be sure to wait for the Badgr to complete the progress check before selecting the next page of students. Continue paging through the progress pages to complete the badge check.
  • For larger courses (more than 100 students) we recommend using the CSV export button to trigger badge awards daily. This will allow Badgr to check the entire course at once, rather than paging through 35 students at a time. The CSV file will be emailed to your Canvas email. If your course has more than 1,000 students, please note that the CSV export may take an hour or more to complete.



Students can trigger a check for their own badges by selecting the Badges menu within their course or by viewing a badge placed in a module.



For badges not awarding, see also: Troubleshooting: Enrollment not yet Accepted