Switching from Canvabadges to Badgr


As of April 2018, Canvabadges has been retired.

Make the switch to Badgr today! 

The good folks at Instructure don't want these achievements to disappear, so old Canvabadges were migrated to the Badgr platform. This allows users to keep their badge awards in perpetuity while also creating the opportunity for instructors to continue awarding them.

This migration occurred in multiple phases from May 2018 through October 2018.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more!



Students may access badges they previously earned through Canvabadges
  1. Create an account or sign in at https://badgr.io/.
  2. Select the My Badges tab.
  3. Observe (or use the search feature) to see that the badges have been automatically added to your Badgr backpack.
Teachers may continue to award old Canvabadges through Badgr
Teachers can edit the information associated with their Canvabadges issuer including changing the Issuer name, description or logo.
Teachers may also create new badges to award under their old Canvabadges issuer. 

Inside Canvas...
  1. Integrate the Badgr LTI with your Canvas instance.
  2. Follow this checklist to get started.
  3. Use your old Canvabadges Issuer, create a new issuer, or use a different issuer. 
Outside Canvas...
  1. Create an account or sign in at https://badgr.io/ 
  2. Select the Issuer menu.
  3. Observe that a "Canvabadges - XXX" issuer has been added to your list of Issuers.
Question & Answer

Below are links to Knowledge Base articles that address some of the user questions that surfaced during migration of Canvabadges.