Subscribing a group to a Learning Pathway

The Groups feature in Badgr Pathways is used to organize badge recipients into different segments or cohorts, so that they may be easily tracked along a Learning Pathway. Groups may be subscribed to more than one pathway and any number of groups can be subscribed to the same pathway.

      Groups and Pathways are paid features of Badgr Pro. Contact our sales team for pricing.

Groups of users may be subscribed to Pathways
  1. Manually, through a Badgr Pro account
  2. Automatically, through the placement of a custom Pathways LTI in a Learning Management System (LMS).
     You must create and publish a Pathway prior to creating and/or adding groups.

Creating Groups Manually through Badgr Pathways

concentricsky.zendesk.comhcarticle_attachments3601012542935fce691371c3a-1 You must first create a Group before it can be added to a published Pathway. Groups can only be created from the groups tab of an issuer's page.


  1. Select the Badgr Icon in the upper left, then select your Organization from the drop-down menu. Select the issuer's tab from the top navigation bar.

  2. Select an issuer with a published Pathway you would like to add a group to, or create a new Pathway and publish it. To learn more about creating pathways, view our article How to create and edit a Badgr Pathway

      The Pathways menu is for learners. This is where they access pathways they subscribe to. The Issuers menu is for badging program administrators. This is where admins create and manage pathways.

3. Go to the Groups tab on the Issuer Details page.

4. Select the "Create Group" button.

  5. Enter a name and description for your group. Select the "Create Group" button.
  6. You will now be directed to the group details page. Here you can add members using the panel on the right.
  7. You can also edit or delete your group by selecting the box with the ellipses.
8. If you would like to convert a group to a Badgr Space, you can select the "Upgrade to Badgr Spaces" button. Any Pathways, learners, and progress associated with the group will be carried over to the new Space. To learn more about Badgr Spaces, Click Here to view our knowledge base article.
9. To convert a space to a group, select the issuer that space is associated with, then select the "Spaces" tab. Select "Switch to Group" from the right side menu.

concentricsky.zendesk.comhcarticle_attachments3600990327145fce690267c48-1 If you switch a Space to a group, your learners will lose access to the space, and they will only have access to their subscribed pathways. Switching back may confuse your learners, especially if they have already made progress on objectives.

Adding a Group to an Existing Pathway
A Pathway must be published to subscribe a learner group to it. To add a group to a published Pathway in Badgr:
  1. Navigate to your organizational space by clicking on the Badgr icon in the upper left and selecting your organization from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Issuers tab from the top navigation bar, and select the issuer for the Pathway you would like to add a group to.
  3. Select the "Pathways" tab.
  4. Select the published Pathway you wish to add a group to.
  5. Select the "Subscribe Group" button.
  6. Select the Group(s) you wish to add from the available list and select "Add Group" when finished.

Unsubscribing a Group from a Pathway

To remove a group from a Pathway, go to the issuer containing the Pathway with the group you wish to unsubscribe.
  1. Select the Pathways tab from the issuer's page.
  2. Select the Pathway you wish to edit.
  3. Select the ellipses to the right of the group you wish to unsubscribe.
  4. Select "Unsubscribe from Pathway" from the drop menu.
  5. This will not delete the group. It is only unsubscribed from the selected Pathway.

Add or Remove Members from an Existing Group

While on the group page, you can use the search box to easily locate a specific member you would like to view, or learn if an individual is already a member of the group.
  1. From the organizational space of your Badgr account, select the issuer containing a Pathway whose group you would like to edit.
  2. Select the "Groups" tab from the issuer's page.
  3. Select the name of the group you wish to edit.
  4. From the group's detail page, you can add a member by selecting the "Add Member" button.
  5. To remove a member, or resend an invitation, select the ellipses to the right of their name to open a drop menu.

Creating Groups Automatically through the Badgr Pathways LTI App in an LMS

When an Issuer creates a pathway LTI and places it in an LMS course, any student that clicks or access the pathway in the course is automatically added to a group and subscribed to a pathway. Each new LTI creates a different group of subscribers.