Students using Badgr and Badgr Pathways in a Canvas course

Teachers can optionally enable automatic badge awarding in Canvas courses. Course designers and instructors create badges using the Badgr platform and choose which achievements in the course will award badges.

Earning badges in a Canvas course through module requirements

Students enrolled in courses can earn badges when they've met the module completion requirements. These completion requirements can vary in many ways including completing all of the assignments within a module; scoring a certain grade on an assignment or exam; contributing to a discussion board; prerequisites from another module; interacting with multi-media content or a combination of these things. 
As a student, you can see if you are eligible for a badge and have completed the module requirements when accessing the Modules menu from the course navigation. Completed activities and modules will display a corresponding green checkmark. If there's a checkmark next to the module with an associated badge, you've earned a badge! 


Contact your instructor for assistance if you feel that you've completed a module, but the module is not showing as complete.

Accessing badges in the course

From the Badges menu in Canvas, students may see one or two tabs: Progress and the optionally enabled Leaderboard. From the Progress tab, they can see the badges they've earned in the course, along with the badges they have not yet earned. Students can click on a badge they've earned to download and/or share with social media.

As a student, check the Badges menu frequently to get your awards quickly. When a student accesses the badges menu in a course, Badgr checks for module completion and will award any new badges the student has earned. 


If the leaderboard is enabled in the course, students can see their badge earnings compared to other students in the course. Teachers have the ability to let students optionally share their real names or may require that students use nicknames to protect privacy. If nicknames are used, students see their own real name (and animal nickname) on the leaderboard, but only animal nicknames for all of the other students. If a student de-selects the Keep my name private checkbox, other students will see that student listed in the leaderboard by their real name.

The animal nickname will remain the same throughout the duration of the course unless a teacher or instructor manually selects to refresh it with a new name. Animal nicknames are not persistent across courses. 



How to get badges in modules

Depending on how the course is set up, some teachers may place badges in modules so that they are immediately awarded upon completion of the module. The student will see that Badgr is checking for new badges to award. After updating, the badge will subsequently appear in color with a green checkmark.

Keep in mind, the badge will not award if the requirements have not been met, even if the student encounters it in the module.


How to access pathways in Canvas (Badgr Pro feature)

If you do not see a Pathways menu option, your organization may not have pathways enabled or may not be subscribed to Badgr Pro.

Granting issuer access through Canvas

After selecting the Pathways menu from the course navigation, users will need to check the accept Terms of Service box and select the Continue button to view the pathway that they have been subscribed to.

Granting issuer access through Badgr

Once a user has been subscribed to a pathway, they'll receive an invitation email to join the group and subscribe to the pathway. From the pathway subscription email, select the View pathway button. This will take you to the pathway where you can view your own progress. To interact with the pathway, users will need to select the Trust issuer link.