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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics
Badgr Pro subscribers can access analytics from their Badgr account and from a Canvas course or sub-account.
Institutions of all sizes can use Badgr Pro to deeply understand and report on course metrics and student learning achievements. Badgr Pro subscribers can access analytics from their Badgr account. This can also be done from a Canvas course or sub-account.

Badgr Pro accounts are now available, offering rich learning analytics to help teachers and administrators understand badging activity at their institutions.  Wherever this issuer is used in Canvas (a sub-account or the entire account), courses will be enabled with Pro features including Analytics. The list of which issuers are covered under the institutional account may be changed at any time by request. 

  • See badges your students are earning – Get a window into the skills that are being recognized in your institution and how many students are learning them.
  • See what teachers and courses are most effective with badges – Get an overview of the courses awarding the most badges and drill deep into each course's award data to see how different teachers are using badges. Compare the effectiveness of different course approaches to recognizing the same skills.
  • See how badges are shared – Understand how your students are sharing their Open Badges to their social media presence on LinkedIn and Facebook. See the volume of badges shared on social media.
  • Track externally awarded badges  – See which badges students are earning in other Canvas courses or even outside of Canvas.
  • Understand who is issuing Badges – Admins can see which staff members have access to issuers and which issuers are associated with courses.


 Each category of analytics allows you to select the length of time you wish to view your data from. You can also export your data to a CSV file.