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Privacy and Security

Customize your Badgr privacy and security settings

Badge recipients who are members of a Badgr Pro organization are now able to see and control backpack connection status and edit what organizations they have trusted. This allows the recipient to have control of what data is shared.

When a badge recipient chooses to share their backpack with an organization, the organization gains visibility to all badges in the recipient's backpack. This is important if the recipient has badges in their backpack that have been awarded to multiple emails. 

Accessing all privacy and security settings

From the account menu select Privacy and security.

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 10.25.38 AM

From here a user will see a list of all organizations that they have been subscribed to and the current share settings. By changing the toggle users are able to share their backpack with the various organizations they are subscribed to. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 10.27.30 AM

Accessing individual organization privacy and security settings

By using the organization-specific URL or by choosing a specific organization space from the org switcher users are able to see and adjust their organization-specific settings. 

Badgr Pro Org Switcher Organization Profile