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Organizations with Badgr Pro

If you are part of an Organization with a Badgr Pro subscription, you can access the Organization's Pro features and badging system from the Profile menu of your Badgr account. The Organization menu functions like how a LinkedIn or Facebook business page might be managed; while the Personal area will contain awarded badges and issuer activity that happens outside of the Organization's badging system. Most Badgr Pro subscribers will see the "Badgr Pro" branding unless the Organization has purchased a white label for an additional fee.

   Personal space vs. Organizational space

     The Personal space is where you interact with the free version of Badgr as an individual.  The Organization is where you can access the features of Badgr Pro and your Organization's badging system.

   If you do not see an Organization listed on your menu, you do not have a Badgr        Pro subscription, or have not been added to your institution's Badgr Pro                    Organization.


Understanding the Top Navigation Menu options
Depending on how you interact with Badgr and the Organization, you may see different menus along the top navigation. 
  • Dashboard displays analytics for your organization's badge awards. It also contains tabs which allow you to add admin to your organization, view your subscription status, and edit your organization's page details. Click here to learn more about the Organization Dashboard.
  • My Badges will only show if you have earned badges from this Organization. If you have earned badges outside this organization, you will find them in the Backpack of your Personal space.
  • My Pathways will only show if you are subscribed as a learner to one of the Pathways authored by the Organization. If you are subscribed to pathways that are not part of this Organization, or want to explore Pathways from other organizations, you can access them from your Personal space.
  • Issuers will show for most users who are associated with the Organization. If a user has created Issuers outside the Organization, those can be found in the Personal space. Click here to learn more about Organization Issuers.
  • Custom tabs such as "Useful Links" can also be created for your organization.


Custom-Branded Badgr Site
Organizations that have purchased a Badgr Pro subscription, have the option of purchasing a white label version of the Badgr website at an additional cost. This allows organizations to put their branding front and center of the badging program. Visit one or more of the sites below and compare it to badgr.com to see a white label implementation in action.
See what customization options are available here and Complete this form to inquire about subscription pricing, consulting services, and support options for Badgr Pro.