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Organization and issuer permission structure

Why use permissions?

Badgr offers a number of permission options both in our free version and our paid pro subscriptions. These permissions allow you to choose how you wish to structure your organization. You can decide who is able to create or edit your badges, issuers and organization. If you are using Badgr Pro, organization admins are automatically added as an owner on all organization issuers. Additionally, these permission roles carry over to Canvas and pathways. 
Below is a list of Badgr's issuer permission levels, and what each role is able to do in Badgr.
  Organization admin Issuer owner Issuer editor Issuer staff
Edit organization details tick cancel cancel cancel
Edit org. welcome page tick cancel cancel cancel
Add/remove staff to issuer tick tick cancel


Edit issuer

tick tick tick cancel
Edit badges tick tick tick cancel
Revoke badges tick tick tick cancel
Create groups tick tick tick cancel
Access member lists tick tick tick cancel
Edit pathway tick tick tick cancel
Add group to pathway tick tick tick tick
Award badges tick tick tick tick
Bulk award badges (CSV) tick tick tick tick


 As more roles and updates become available to Badgr, we will update this table.