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Member Lists

Organizations that subscribe to Badgr Pro can view their organization's member list and a member list for each of their issuers. Organization members include organization admins, staff associated with Issuers, pathway group members and badge recipients — anyone who is currently affiliated with the badging program.

   This is a paid feature of Badgr Pro.

Member list
The member list may be accessed from the organization dashboard or the issuer detail page and may be exported in CSV format. The list can also be filtered by using the column headings or by using check boxes to display only the members with a Learner or Staff role. From this list, staff are able to view the profile of each member within their organization. Learners do not have access to view the member list.
The member list and member profiles allow badge program administrators and staff to see:
  • Members who can sign in to the organization space.
  • Email addresses (recipient ids).
  • Member roles.
  • Number of badge awards.
  • Membership in groups.
  • Number of subscribed pathways.


Badge program administrators and staff may select a member name from the list to view additional details about the member including which badges they've earned, which groups they're members of, and which pathways they're subscribed to — they can also view the Learner record (if enabled).


From there, badge program administrators and staff can drill down into specific badge awards, groups and pathways.