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Managing your Badgr Account

How to add or remove an email or case variant, and change your password or primary address.


Creating a Badgr account

Creating a Badgr account is free and easy! Choose one of our servers nearest to you

Adding an Additional Email Address

Badgr allows you to add multiple email addresses to your account from the Profile screen. Adding additional email addresses to an account enables users to collect badges awarded to different email addresses (e.g., school, work, volunteer), all in one backpack account.


Each email address associated with your Badgr account must be verified by you. It is possible to move an email address from one account to another, as long as it is not the primary address on either account. If you need assistance moving emails or merging two accounts into a single account, please contact us at support@badgr.com.

  1. In your Badgr.com account, select the profile icon in the upper right of the top navigation bar, then select Profile from the dropdown menu.
  2. On the Profile page, click the Add Email button.
    add email
  3. A pop up will appear allowing you to enter a secondary email address. 
  4. A verification code will be sent to the newly added email address and a new pop up will appear. Enter the code you received in the verification email into the pop up to verify your email. If you did not receive a verification email, contact support@badgr.com

Merging Accounts

If you encounter an error saying "Failed to add email. This email may already be in use." it is likely an account already exists for the address you were trying to add.

failed to add-1

For assistance merging accounts contact us at Support@Badgr.com Please provide the emails associated with the accounts you wish to merge and indicate which address you wish to be primary. Please also indicate which server (AU, EU, CA, USA) you are using.

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Changing your Primary Badgr Email Address

Your primary email address is the email address you use to login to your Badgr account. You can change which address is your primary email at any time by clicking the ellipsis on the right of the email line and selecting the Make Primary option from the drop-down.

change primary email

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Adding Email Case Variants

Some badges may not upload because your email address does not match. If the original issuer used any uppercase characters in your email address, add the email address as it was awarded following the steps above and try again. You may need to add an additional email address(es) to your Badgr account. 
You can view case variants that you have added by clicking on the View Case Variants button located under your email address.
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Removing an Email Address from your Badgr Account

You can remove any non-primary email address by clicking the ellipsis on the right of the email line and selecting the Remove option from the drop-down.
remove email
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Changing your Badgr Password

If you either have forgotten your password or want to change your existing password go to the Badgr sign-in page and click Forgot Password and enter the email address you use when signing in to Badgr.com. You will receive an email with a verification code to verify this request. Return to Badgr and enter the verification code then follow the steps to reset your password.

Your password can also be changed from the Profile section of your Badgr.com account by clicking the Change Password button. If you remember your password you can change it immediately. If you have forgotten your password, click the Reset your password link and follow the email verification and password reset steps above.
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Deleting your Badgr Account

If you would like your Badgr account deleted contact us at support@badgr.com