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Interacting with Badgr as a recipient

This article describes how to share badges, print certificates, access Pathways, and provides links to resources that may be useful to learners and badge recipients.


Useful Links

How to share badges and print certificates

Badges that have been earned can be shared directly from Canvas or from a user's backpack in Badgr. You have the option to include your “recipient identifier” email address when you share a badge. For example, you may find it useful to include your email address in the badge when emailing your badge to someone. On the other hand, if you do not normally make your email address available in your LinkedIn profile, you may wish to omit that when sharing a badge to LinkedIn.
Users also have the ability to print certificates of their badges from their backpacks.
If you already have a Badgr account, sign in and navigate to the Backpack to view badges that have been awarded to you. If you believe that badges are missing from your backpack, try adding additional emails to your account or contact your instructor to see if you have met all milestone requirements to earn the badge.
If you do not have an existing Badgr account, choose “Create Account” and follow the steps you will be shown to set up your account and your password. 

Create your Badgr account with the primary email address you use to sign in to Canvas.

Access your Pathways

To access Pathways that you have been subscribed to, sign in to your Badgr account and then select the Pathways option.
 Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 1.05.11 PM
At the top of the pathway page, you will see the "My Pathways" heading. Immediately below this, you will find the pathways to which you are already subscribed.
Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 1.08.53 PM 
Scroll a little lower to view "Pathways Opportunities." Here you can see Pathways to which you are not already subscribed that include badges you have earned.
Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 1.15.34 PM
More information on interacting with Pathways can be found here. 

Accessing your Learner Record

The Learner Record is a Badgr Pro feature. If you do not see an Organization listed on your menu, you may not be enrolled in a program that subscribes to Badgr Pro. 

More information on interacting with a Learner Record can be found here.