How to get a consumer key and shared secret

A consumer key and shared secret is needed to connect Canvas to Badgr

To get a consumer key and shared secret 

1. Create an account at one of the Badgr servers below using the same email address as your primary Canvas ID.

For the best experience, we recommend choosing the server nearest you; this is where your data will be stored.

2. Once signed in, select the profile icon in the upper right corner, then Privacy and security from the drop-down.

3. Select the App integrations tab.

 4. Select the Canvas LTI card to see your shared secret and consumer key.

5. Copy and paste the shared secret and consumer key into your Canvas instance under Settings.


We recommend installing Badgr using the By URL method for non-U.S. servers. We also offer custom XML in case you'd like to install Badgr optionally available at the sub-account or root level.