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Editing Your Organization Page

There are many options for personalizing your organization's page. You can adjust these settings by accessing the Organization Dashboard from your Badgr Menu. Please review and update your organization information by following these steps.
  1. Sign in to your Badgr account.
  2. Select the Badgr logo in the upper left, and select your organization from the drop-down menu to navigate to your organization's space.


3. Navigate to the Dashboard.
4. Access the ellipsis button to edit the Organization information.


From here you can edit your public profile, content settings, and the welcome page.

Public profile

Under public profile, you can update your logo, set a name for your page, select a URL to direct users to, and provide a contact email. The checkbox marked "Redirect to org public page" means users attempting to view your Badgr organization page, who either do not have an account or are not logged in, will be redirected to your website URL instead of http://info.badgr.com/. This helps keep learners focused on your organization.
Edit this page to reflect your organization's information and select Save Changes.

Content Settings

Select which settings you wish to include on your organization's page.
  • Allow External Pathway Discovery allows users who are not  subscribed to your Pathway or organization to view your Pathway if they have earned a badge that is included in it.
  • Include External Pathways in Discover allows users to view Pathways authored by a third party on your page if the user has earned a badge included in the third party Pathway.
  • Pathways Can Access Third-Party Badges allows users to use earned badges from outside your organization to complete your organization's Pathways. eg. students earn a badge from a volunteer organization and the badge counts towards your schools community service Pathway.
  • Badgr Can Send Email to Users allows Badgr to notify users by email when they earn a badge or they're invited to a Pathway.
  • Learner Record Access restricts access to specific groups, or allows all users to view their learner record. For more information regarding learner records, please view About the Learner Record.


Select select Save Changes when you have finished updating your settings.

Welcome Page

Welcome page is where you design what users see the first time they sign into your organization. It will appear above the first invitation or notification they receive from you. Create a headline and welcome message for new users! Let them know what your organization does and what they can expect to learn through your organization's badging program.
Select which Badgr features you wish to include in your welcome message
  • My Badges
  • My Pathways
  • My Backpack
  • My Record
If you are not utilizing one or more of these features in your organization, simply uncheck the appropriate box.

Select select Save Changes when you have finished updating your settings.