Badgr Groups deployment management

After installing the Badgr 1.3 LTI Badgr Pro organization will be able to manage its deployment by selecting an organization to associate with, enabling issuers under the organization, managing deployment preferences and seeing all groups within the deployment. 



To get started after installing the LTI 1.3, select the Connect Badgr Pro button. Users will then be asked to verify their email and will then be able to select an organization.


If you do not see any Badgr Pro organizations to connect after verifying your email, ensure that the email you are verifying is an organizational admin. See our Organization Dashboard article for more information.

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Selecting an organization

After users have verified their email they will see a list of organizations that they are on. Users will need to select one organization and then select the Connect organization button. Only one organization can be selected per deployment. 

If you do not see any Badgr Pro organizations to connect after verifying your email, ensure that the email you are verifying is an organizational admin.

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Enabling issuers

After a Badgr Pro organization has been selected, users will see a list of all issuers under the organization. One or many issuers can be enabled by using the toggle. All enabled issuers will be available to use in courses within the deployment.

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If no issuers are enabled admins will need to ensure deployment preferences are set to all personal issuers to be used.

If you feel that you are missing an issuer on the list ensure that it has been associated with the Badgr Pro organization you are connected to.

Manage deployment preferences

Admins have to main deployment preferences to set. The first allows instructors to use their personal issuers in courses. If this setting is turned off, organization issuers will need to be enabled for instructors to use.

The second preference determines if instructors are able to create and modify badges that are on the organization issuers that have been enabled. This setting will override any previously set staff roles on the issuer(s).


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Deployment Groups

From the Groups tab, users will be able to see all groups within the deployment. This list allows admins to quickly access and see individual groups without having to navigate to each course.


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Disconnecting an organization

Users may wish to disconnect an organization if the wrong one was initially selected or if a new organization needs to be used.

From the Settings tab, select the ellipsis and then the Disconnect organization option.

Instructors will no longer be able to use the organization issuers for their course(s) and Badgr Pro features will be disabled. This will not interrupt any ongoing courses and ongoing courses will need to be manually updated once a new organization is chosen.


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For information on LMS specific badge triggers see Badgr Groups in Blackboard