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Data Management for Issuers and Badge Classes

How to use Data Management to export badge awards, or update a badge class.

The Data Management tab can be found when selecting an issuer from your account or viewing a badge class you have created as an issuer. The tab contains different options depending on whether you are viewing the issuer or the badge class.

Issuer Data Management: Export Badge Awards


*Pro Feature*

The data management tab on an issuer's page allows you to export badge awards to a CSV file from a designated time period. All badges awarded to all recipients within the designated time period will be listed in the CSV file. 

Exporting a badge awards to a CSV file:

  1. While logged into your Badgr account, select "Issuers" from the top navigation bar. Select an issuer from the list.
  2. From the issuer's page, select the Data Management tab.

3. Choose a start and end date to define the time period for the badge awards you would like to view. If you do not select a start and end date, then all badges awarded to all recipients will be included in the CSV file.

4. Select "Export CSV"

5. Choose a destination file on your device, and select "Save."

6. You can open the file in Excell or another spreadsheet program to view the badge award information. 

Badge Class Data Management

The Data Management tab on a badge details page allows you to replace the badge you selected with a badge from a different Badgr server location, or from a different Open Badge compliant badging platform. 

concentricsky.zendesk.comhcarticle_attachments3600990329145fce69161c36a  Once a badge has been updated the old badge information, such as the image, criteria, and description will be permanently replaced. You can edit the current badge, but cannot revert it to the original version.

concentricsky.zendesk.comhcarticle_attachments3601012540735fce69019f8c9-1  Before a badge is awarded, it is called a badge class or badge template. The badge class is the badge you find listed under an issuer which can be edited. Once a badge is awarded, it is called a badge assertion. Badge assertions have been baked with the badge metadata, such as the recipient's email identifier, badge information, and award date. An assertion cannot be edited.

How to update and replace a badge

  1. While logged into your Badgr account, select "Issuer" from the top navigation bar. Select an issuer from the list.
  2. Select the badge you would like to update and replace.
  3. Select the "Data Management" tab.



4. In a different tab or window, find the badge you wish to use to update and replace the badge you initially selected. This can be from a different Badgr server location, the same server but a different issuer, or a different Open Badge compliant Badging platform.

5. Save or copy the badge image, public URL, or JSON from an awarded badge assertion. The image from a badge class from a different issuer will not contain the badge metadata necessary to replace a badge. A badge assertion's image needed, or the public page URL.


6. Go back to the tab containing the badge you wish to update.

7. Paste or upload the badge image, URL, or JSON in the appropriate field. Select "Continue."

8. A new window will appear displaying how the updated badge will appear. You will not be able to revert the badge back to its original form once it has been updated. Select "Cancel" to go back to the data management page, or "Replace Badge" to update and replace the badge.

concentricsky.zendesk.comhcarticle_attachments3601012540935fce6902c3345 Once a badge has been updated, it cannot be converted back to the original. All information associated with the original badge will be lost when it is replaced with the new badge.

Previously Awarded Badges

Badges that were awarded before you updated and replaced the badge class will also be altered. The information in previously awarded badges will be re-baked with the updated badge information. The badge text typically will update right away, however, if the badge image differs from the original award, there may be a delay of a day or so before Badgr is able to connect and re-bake the badge with the updated information. 


 concentricsky.zendesk.comhcarticle_attachments3600990334345fce695433bd0 If you have updated and replaced a badge using the Data Management tool, but the image does not match the new badge image please try the following.

  • Wait 1-3 days. Sometimes, it can take a few days for the badge to resync with Badgr.
  • Refresh your browser. If Badgr has already resynced your badge, then the new image may appear after refreshing.
  • If you have tried the above steps and the old image is still showing, you can contact support for assistance at support@Badgr.com