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Custom Badge Properties

    This is a paid feature of Badgr Pro.

With Custom Badge Properties, you can add a property containing customized text or numbered values to your badges. This can be helpful for situations when you want to differentiate one badge from another within a particular issuer. For example, the badge properties could indicate that it was awarded for a credit-bearing course. It could also indicate how many course-credits the badge represents. Issuers can create multiple Custom Badge Properties that can be associated with badges.

   Setting up custom badge properties requires three different steps. It must be            (1) enabled in the organization settings, (2) designed in the issuer settings,                  and  (3) activated on the individual badges, where applicable. 

1. Enabling Custom Badge Properties for your Organization

  1. From your Badgr account, select the Badgr logo in the upper left, and select your organization from the drop-down menu to navigate to your organization's space.
  2. Select the box with the ellipses and then select "Edit Organization."
  3. Select the "Content Settings" tab.
  4. Under the title "Content settings" you will see a list of items with checkboxes.
  5. Locate "Allow Custom Badge Properties" and check the box.


2. Creating Custom Badge Properties

  1. From the Issuer menu, select the issuer where you plan to add badge properties.
  2. Select the box with the ellipses, and select "Edit Issuer" from the drop menu.
  3. Select the "Custom Badge Properties" tab in the middle of the page.
  4. Select the "Add Custom Badge Property" button.


Property Types
Each property type allows editors to enter a Property Name and Property Description and indicate if the property should be visible or not. There are four different choices available when creating badge properties. Select the option that best suits your organization's needs.
  1. Single Choice - allows you to create a predefined property field with the custom choices available in a drop menu. Badge editors may associate one of the choices in the dropdown to a particular badge (e.g. Yes/No).
  2. Number - allows editors the ability to associate a numerical value with a badge (e.g. "3").
  3. Text - allows editors the ability to associate a string of text with a badge (e.g. Offered in partnership with Badgr).
  4. Rich Text - allows editors the ability to associate a string of rich text with a badge using Markdown. Markdown allows users to use formatting features such as ordered or numbered lists and URLs (e.g. [Learn more about Open Badges](https://openbadges.org/)).
Public Visibility
By default, Custom Badge Properties are only visible to Organization admins and Issuers. This information also appears in CSV exports of badge data. If this box is selected, then the properties will be visible to recipients and displayed on public pages.

    This option is permanent once the property is saved. To change the property              label, description, type, or visibility, the property must be removed. If removed          from the Issuer, the property settings will also be removed from the                            associated badges and awards.

Name and Description
Enter a name for your property such as "Credit Bearing Badges." You can optionally enter a description for your badge property.
Checking this box will make entering the property a required field on all badges associated with this issuer. Leaving this box blank will allow properties to be optional on all badges.
Adding Custom Properties to an Existing Badge
Properties can only be added to existing badges. From the issuer page, select the badge you wish to add a property to. From the badge details page select "Edit" from the right side menu options. Scroll to the bottom to find the Custom Property options.  The property will look slightly different depending on which option you selected when editing your issuer.
Single Choice will have a dropdown menu where you can select one of your predefined property options.
Number will only allow you to enter a numerical value.
Rich Text will allow limited formatting options.

Select the "Save Changes" button to add the custom property to the badge. When you view the public page of the badge then the custom property will be visible if the box making the property public was selected when editing the issuer. If the box was left unselected then the badge property will appear only for Admins of your organization, but not for issuer staff or badge recipients.


Removing Custom Properties from a Badge

Removing a custom property from an issuer will remove the property from any badges associated with the issuer. If you create a new custom property, you will need to add it again to any badges requiring the property. Once you have set a custom property to be Public or Private, the only way to change this status is to remove the custom property from the issuer.
Select the issuer containing the property, and select the ellipses in the box to edit the issuer. Select the custom badge properties tab, and select "Remove." You can select "Add Custom Badge Property" if you wish to add a new custom property to your issuer.