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Creating and awarding badges with expiration dates in Badgr

Adding an expiration date to a badge can be done when the badge is created or when it is awarded. If the expiration is set at the time the badge is created, the expiration will persist with each badge awarded. If you establish expiration when the badge is awarded, it will apply only to that badge.

Once a badge has expired, the badge will display in black & white and the “Expired” label will be displayed in the backpack and in Canvas courses. 



Setting an expiration duration when creating or editing a badge
  1. Access the Badge you wish to add an expiration date to and access the Edit button.

  2. In edit mode or when creating a badge, navigate to the Additional Info tab and scroll down until you locate the Expiration option.

  3. Select an option from the Duration dropdown.

  4. Enter a number for the number of days, weeks, etc. that the badge will be valid.

    1. Note that only whole numbers are accepted.  

  5. Continue editing the badge, or select Save Changes.

  6. Expiration duration will be visible on the badge details page below the title. You can see the expiration of a specific award from the badge details page on the awards tab.

Removing an expiration from a badge

If you need to remove an expiration duration from a badge, edit the badge, select the Additional Info tab, and scroll down to the expiration section. Select "clear" to clear the fields. Select Save Changes to update the badge.

Expirations and badge recipients

Badge earners will see the date the badge expires on the badge details page when viewing the badge in their backpack. Once the badge expires, it will be marked as expired in the recipient's backpack.

Setting an expiration date when awarding a badge

Users can set an expiration date when awarding a badge.

  1. From the Award Badge page, scroll down to the expiration section.

    1. If a badge already has an expiration, select Edit.

  2. Enter the expiration date manually in text or use the dropdown arrow to use the date picker. You may use the other controls to increment or delete the settings. Date picker control appearance will vary slightly depending on your browser and system.

    1. Entering a specific expiration date at the time of the award will overwrite a duration expiration associated with the badge.

    2. To return to the duration expiration, select use default.

    3. To remove the expiration from this specific award, select clear.

  3. Complete the form with the desired information and award badge.

Adding an expiration date when awarding badges in bulk

An expiration column can be optionally added to a CSV file is used for bulk awarding badges. When awarding badges using a CSV file, a duration expiration (eg. 2 days) that is set when editing the badge will be overwritten. If there is a specific date in the expiration column, then the date from the CSV file will be used. If there is no date listed in the CSV, then the awards will not expire.