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  2. Creating and Awarding Badges

Creating an issuer in Badgr

Badges can only be awarded through an issuer. An issuer provides additional context for your badge awards by connecting the badge to an organization, individual, or course.

A badge issuer profile describes an organization or individual responsible for issuing badges. An issuer could represent an individual, a course or instructor, a department, school, or organization. For the next step, see Creating badges as an issuer in Badgr.

If you use Badgr for Canvas, the first step to setting Badgr up in your course is to define an issuer profile. The form to define a new profile is available right in the app. If you also have a Badgr account outside of Canvas, you'll see the issuers you've previously defined outside of Canvas as well.

Creating an issuer in Badgr

  1. Login to your Badgr account and select "Issuer" from the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Create Personal Issuer.
  3. Enter the following required fields:
    1. Name – e.g., "North Ridge High School English Department"
    2. Website URL – e.g., "http://northridge.mydistrict.k12.us/"
    3. Contact Email – e.g., "english@northridge.mydistrict.k12.us
    4. Description – e.g., "The instructors of the English Department at the nationally recognized North Ridge School"
  4. Upload an issuer image (optional, but recommended; see Recommended specifications for badge images)
  5. Click Create Issuer to save.
Editing an issuer in Badgr
  1. Select "Issuer" from the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the issuer you want to edit
  3. Click the ellipsis on the right of the page and select the Edit Issuer option from the dropdown menu.Edit issuer
  4. Update any of the Issuer information and click Save.

Hiding Badges as an issuer

If you do not wish for your issuer's badges to be publicly visible, you may turn off badge visibility from your issuer's public page. The issuer's public page will always remain visible to the public.

  1. Login to Badgr and select the issuer tab from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the issuer whose badges you wish to hide.
  3. Select the box with the ellipses, and select "view public page" from the drop menu
  4. Select the button labeled "Edit Badge Visibility"
  5. Click the toggle button above the badges you wish to hide. The badge will become greyed out when hidden.
  6. Select the "Done Editing" button
  7. To make the badge visible again, Select the "Edit Badge Visibility" button.
  8. Click the toggle button so that the badge is no longer greyed out.

Hide badges-2

Badges that are hidden will not be counted. If all badges are hidden, the issuer's public page will say there are no badges for this issuer.