Creating a group

Badgr users can create groups to track badge and pathway progress for recipients within Badgr or in an LMS.

Creating a Badgr Group

To create a group, go to the associated issuer you wish to create a group in and click on the Groups tab.

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 12.15.36 PM

Then click the Create group button. Users will then need to give the group a name and set an end date. The group will automatically archive on that end date and learner progress will no longer be tracked. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 12.16.21 PM-1

Hidden vs visible groups

Users can decide to make a Badgr group visible or hidden by using the Visible to learners checkbox when creating the group. Leaving the box unchecked will create a hidden group that can only be subscribed to pathways.

By checking the box users will be creating a visible group that has access to features like the leaderboard, individual learner progress and creating triggers for individual badges. Giving users a more interactive experience from within Badgr. 

Visible Badgr groups are currently in beta and may not be available to all users

Editing and deleting a group

After selecting the ellipsis next to the group, users will see a drop-down that allows the group to be edited or deleted. Users may need to edit a group to update the archive date or change the group name.

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