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Creating a collection of badges in Badgr

In Badgr, you can create a collection of your earned badges to organize your badges. You  can then share your collection with collaborators, social media or embed on websites or in job applications. Badges added to collections may originate from Badgr or another platform.


Creating a badge collection in Badgr

  • Select the Create collection button
  • Enter a name and description, then select Create collection


Add Badges to your Collection

Once you have created a collection you can add your badges to the collection.

  • Select the collection you wish to add badges to
  • Select the Add badges button
  • Search or page through the list of badges selecting all of the badges you wish to add to your collection
  • Select Apply

Making a collection public

  • Select the Public toggle to set your collection to private or public — when your collection is set to public you can share your collection with othersbackpack
  • The Public toggle can also be changed from within a collection

collection one

Once you've created a collection, you can share it via URL on email, social media or anywhere you want to talk about your badges. See Sharing badges from Badgr.