Badgr Training Packages

The Badgr Education Team is ready to help you master the tools and implement your badging program.

Get expert advice from our experienced team who will work with you to implement an engaging program for your participants and organization.

Badgr offers training programs that build upon one another. To get the basics, start with a Badgr Gold package. For help building a more robust program, your organization may opt for the Badgr Platinum package. Both packages lead to badges that verify your proficiency as a Badgr Pro administrator. 

All training is geared toward badging program administrators. Training is typically conducted in one-hour recorded online sessions. Some sessions may be customized or chosen a la carte. 

Badgr Gold

Includes the training topics listed below.

  • Intro to Open Badges and Badgr  

    What are Open Badges and how can I use them? Learn how to create, award, and share badges.

  • Badgr Pro and Your Organization
    Analytics, QR codes, and badging — learn how to utilize Badgr Pro features in your organization.
  • Badge Graphic Design Principles

    Learn how to design meaningful badges that represent your program.

  • Badgr for Canvas LTI
    Learn about installation options and get some best practices and tips for awarding badges in Canvas courses.
  • Intro to Pathways
    Ready to take your badging program to the next level? Learn how badges and Pathways can span curricula and motivate learners.
  • Optimizing the Badge Workflow
    You have the basics! Now let’s hash out creative concepts and put the pieces together to ensure a smooth badging workflow.

Badgr Platinum

This training includes topics from the Badgr Gold package above, plus additional sessions, detailed below.

  • Building Pathways

    This workshop provides the tools you need to create and manage your own Pathways.

  • Badge Program Check-in
    Now that you’ve had some time to explore Badgr, bring your questions and we’ll assist you in streamlining your program or help you utilize new features.
  • Customized Consulting
    It’s time for a temperature check. Let us help you optimize your badging program, talk through challenges, or create efficiencies.

Additional training offerings will be developed as new features roll out. Stay tuned!


Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a training package or learning more about Badgr.