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The Badgr Pro training experience

Our approach

As a Badgr Pro organization, you have access to exclusive features on the Badgr platform, which means you have all the ingredients you need for a successful badging program. Training is like having a masterclass in putting that recipe together. In our pre-training kickoff meeting, we will huddle together and curate the best training experience for you and your team. Then we will meet for a series of one-hour sessions, which feature guidance from thought leaders in digital badging, hands-on workshops, and conversations about the progress you are making toward your goals.

Training is less about being told how to use the product, and more about a conversation around your goals, objectives, and plans, and how you can begin to make them a reality. Our Education and Training team works as a guide along your pathway to success as a Badgr Pro organization. We will walk you through use cases, discuss common pitfalls in badging, and come alongside you on your journey to Badgr administration mastery. 

Our team of experts

Badgr’s Director of Education and Training, Justin Rose, comes to the team with a background in higher education teaching, learning, and leadership. In his previous role on campus, he led the implementation of Badgr Pro at his university, and brings that perspective to the training experience with all of our clients. Kristina Decker, Education and Training Specialist, also brings years of experience in classroom teaching and higher education administration to her role on the team.

You’ll receive dedicated time from a member of the Badgr Education and Training team who will guide you through best practices in badge design, help you make the most out of platform functionality, and answer any questions you may have about Badgr Pro features. 

Our Curriculum

By the end of your Badgr Pro Training experience, you will be able to do the following: 

  1. Appreciate the advantages and features of Badgr Pro
  2. Manage organization issuers and members
  3. Design, award and manage badges
  4. Integrate Badgr Pro with your LMS
  5.  Build and manage pathways


Your Badgr Pro Training sessions will include the following sessions. These sessions build on each other, stacking together so that you can achieve Badgr Pro mastery by the end of your training experience. 

Intro to Open Badges and Badgr Badgr Pro and your organization Badgr Graphic Design principles
Badgr in your LMS Intro to pathways Optimizing the badge workflow