Badgr Pro for Canvas: Tracking externally awarded badges

As part of a Badgr Pro subscription, you may now view badges awarded from external sources within a single course. Badges awarded in other courses or badges awarded from may be viewed on the Progress page in a course they were not awarded in.

Externally awarded badges must be associated with the same issuer as used in the course where they will be displayed.

Tracking externally awarded badges

If you have a Badgr Pro subscription, you should have access to a red button that reads, Add new objective, from the Badges tab in your course navigation.


1. Select the Add new objective button.
2. A new row will be added to the table containing the list of modules. The new row will contain the label "External award" instead of "Complete module."
3. Use the drop-down arrow to select from the list of available badges you wish to track (or create a new badge).

The externally awarded badge must belong to the same issuer used in the course.


4. Assign the external badge you wish to track within the course to the newly added row in the table.


5. Observe which students in the course have completed the external badged activity by selecting the Progress tab from the Badges course navigation menu.

Students can view the status of external awards from the Badges course navigation.


In this example, Kelly has completed three out of four modules in her professional development Canvas course. As part of her continuing education requirements, she presented at a conference for which she was awarded a badge. Now the program administrators and/or course instructors can easily see she satisfied these external requirements right within the context of earning her other professional development badges.


Awarding external badges

If a badge is awarded from outside the course the student is enrolled in, it's classified as an external award. Badges can be awarded externally in a number of ways.