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Badgr Academy

Build expertise in digital credentials and the Badgr platform with the leading learning platform for Badgr Pro clients.

Get expert advice from our experienced team who will work with you to implement an engaging program for your participants and organization. Learn from thought leaders and trailblazers in the digital credentialing space.

Enrolling in Badgr Academy provides you and your team with unlimited access to all of the courses, learning experiences, and resources offered in the academy. Courses
are online, self-guided, and interactive, with opportunities to engage with peers and our team of instructors in each module. You’ll earn badges along pathways as you build expertise in the Badgr platform and prepare to launch a successful badging program.

Badgr Academy courses

Your journey with Badgr Pro begins with enrollment in Badgr Academy. Check out this sampling below of the courses that you’ll engage in as a Badgr Academy learner.

Badgr Pro Onboarding

Learn everything organization administrators need to know about Badgr Pro subscriptions. This course will cover essential terminology and tasks, including adding a Badgr Free account to a Badgr Pro organization and advice for setting up a successful badging program.

Learning outcomes

  1. Access and describe your Badgr Pro organization, including issuers, badges, and group membership.

  2. Implement best practices for setting up an efficient and easy badging program.

  3. Associate existing free Badgr accounts with your Badgr Pro organization.

  4. Create and award badges from issuers.

  5. Build Pathways and Groups.

  6. Provide the Badgr implementation team with the information they need to set up your white label and SSO.

  7. Take the next steps to continue your Badgr Pro education.

Course modules

  1. Your Badgr Pro subscription.

  2. Understand your organization dashboard and custom settings.

  3. Create and add issuers.

  4. Design and create badges.

  5. Pathways and groups.

  6. Additional Badgr Pro services.

Badgr Pro Mastery

Building a successful badging program depends on a team who are proficient in the many features and functions of Badgr Pro, and have the knowledge and skills required to steward the development of their Badgr Pro Organization. This course will equip organization administrators and your entire badging program team to take badging at your organization to the next level. 


Learning outcomes

  1. Leverage the advantages and features of Badgr Pro at your organization.
  2. Manage Badgr Pro organization issuers and members sustainably and at scale.
  3. Design, award, and manage badges following proven best practices.
  4. Integrate Badgr Pro with your LMS to automate badge awards and gamify your learning experiences.
  5. Build pathways that unlock the power of stackable digital credentials.

Course modules

  1. Take your badging program to the next level with Badgr Pro.
  2. Manage your Badgr Pro organization, issuers, and members.
  3. Best practices in badge design.
  4. Badgr Pro in your Learning Management System.
  5. Leveling up your pathways.
  6. Leveraging the learner record.