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Awarding badges to a group of recipients (in bulk)

Learn how to bulk award badges using a CSV file.

Badgr allows program administrators to award badges (in bulk) to a group of recipients. You may include optional metadata such as evidence and narrative to the badge(s) that may be the same or specific to each user.
The first step to awarding a badge in bulk is to upload the list of recipients, then awarding the badge.

Prerequisite: You've created an issuer and badges in Badgr (see Creating an issuer profile & Creating badges as an issuer).

Badgr Pro subscribers have unlimited bulk awards. If using the free version, you're limited to 50 awards per CSV file. 

Manual or bulk awarded badges won't appear in the Badgr for Canvas LTI unless you've purchased a Badgr Pro subscription (see Tracking externally awarded badges). 

Once a badge has been awarded, its data is baked and unchangeable. If you're made aware of a necessary change to a badge after it has been awarded to an individual (such as an error in the spelling of a name), you can make this change by first revoking the badge and then awarding it again with the correct data.

How to award badges to a group using a CSV file in Badgr

  1. Login to Badgr.com and select the Issuers tab from the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Create a new issuer or select the issuer you would like to award badges from.
  3. Select the badge you wish to award. You may also issue a badge to an individual from here.
  4. Select the Bulk award from CSV button.bulk award
  5. From here, you may select Download the sample CSV file to see how to structure the data. Best practice: Use the sample template as a guide for your first few times.download example
  6.  The CSV file may contain several fields, but only the Email field is required:
    1. Email (required)
    2. Recipient name (optional)
    3. Narrative (optional)
    4. Evidence URL (optional)
    5. Issue date (optional)
    6. Expiration date (optional)

      CSV excel format


  7. Once your file is prepared according to instructions, you may upload it by dragging and dropping your file or you can use the file picker.

  8. Select the Next button.
  9. Match the columns in your file to Badgr's system using the drop-down arrows and click the Next button.Field mapping
  10. If there are problems with your CSV file, you may be presented with information about how to fix the problem(s).

  11. If so, adjust your file following the instructions and re-upload your file.Invalid Rows

  12. Now you're ready to issue the badge to multiple recipients.

  13. Be sure to click the Notify recipients by email box (if applicable).

  14. Be sure to click the Prevent duplicate badge awards box (if applicable).

  15. When you're ready, click Finish.bulk award final screen
  16. You will be returned to the badge detail page where you may view the recent and past awards from the awards tab.Awards tab