Automatically awarding badges in Canvas courses


Issuer profiles in Canvas courses

The first task is to create or select an Issuer to use for your course. An issuer can be just about anything; an organization, institution, program, department, classroom, person, etc. Issuing entities that can be defined with a name, description, URL, image, email address and entities relevant to the badges issued are all good candidates.
The issuer you create and/or select will become the default Issuer for all badges awarded in this course, so make sure it matches the description of how you would like to publicly present them. 

Selecting an issuer

When you first visit the Badges tab of your course, you'll see a list of the issuers you have access to in your Badgr account. You can associate one issuer with the course or create a new one by selecting Create issuer. If you have selected the incorrect issuer, you can easily change your selection


Select badges for modules

Once you select an issuer, you'll be taken to the course Objectives tab in the Badgr app. This is where you decide which of the Canvas modules you would like to award a badge to students for completing.

Not every Canvas module requires a badge — only the modules you want to recognize with a badge.

For each module, you may select a badge you've previously defined in Badgr or you can create a new badge.


  1. Select the down arrow on the module to see a list of badges.select_badges_with_arrow
  2. Use the search feature to quickly find the badge you're looking for, or select Create new badge.see_badges_of_issuer
  3.  Once you've selected badges for your Canvas modules, they'll be listed in the objectives tab.


Check Canvas course progress

Once students complete the requirements for Canvas course modules, teachers and/or instructors can track course progress from the Progress tab on the Badges course menu. Tracking progress and/or accessing the CSV report from the Progress tab will award badges to students.