Adding an External Badge to a Badgr Pathway

If you are trying to create a pathway and can't find the badge you want to use underyour issuer or Organization, you may add any Open Badge by importing the badge using the "Third-party" feature in Pathways.

    Pathways is a paid feature of Badgr Pro. Contact for more information.

  Badges may originate from any platform as long as they comply with the Open Badges standard. Non-Badgr badges can only be added as Required Badges on a pathway.

Adding an External Badge

  1. To use the "Add External Badge" feature, click on a step on your pathway, and choose "Add Required Badge." 
  2. A new sidebar will appear to the right 
  3. To add an external badge, select the "third-party" tab.

pathwy external badge

4. You can search Badge Rank if you know the title of the badge, or select the "Add Third-Party Badge" button to add a badge you have access to.


5. The "Add Third-Party badge" sidebar will open allowing users to upload a PNG or SVG file containing their badge image and metadata. Or, under "Advanced Options" users can upload their badge via URL or JSON. 

     Users may upload a badge that has not yet been awarded or a badge that has been awarded.

6. By having the "Add to Badge Directory" box checked, the uploaded badge will be added to the Pathways Badge Directory. If the badge is already in the Directory, a new version will not be created.