2021 Release Calendar

The good folks at Badgr strive to regularly improve the overall functionality of the Badgr app and add new and useful features for users. Toward that end, we aim to keep users informed of any changes to the Badgr app and upcoming release dates that may impact your work. 

As part of that process, we plan to release updates on a three-week basis. Holiday schedules and other constraints may prevent us from our next scheduled release on occasion. During these periodic updates, users may experience some disruption in service. In order to minimize the impact on users, we schedule the release of these updates during off-peak hours. The amount of time it takes to deploy a release varies, but it is typically less than one hour. During this time, we'll display a Maintenance Mode message to let you know that we are hard at work and cool updates are on the way.


At Badgr, we work to set our releases during periods of low usage. Below is our proposed release schedule for 2021. Please note this schedule will be updated throughout the year and is subject to change on short notice.

  • Badgr US - Once every three weeks on Thursdays @ 4-7 am PDT (11-2 pm UTC)
  • Badgr Canada - Once every three weeks on Thursdays @ 4-7 am PDT (11-2 pm UTC)
  • Badgr Australia - Once every three weeks on Fridays 8 @ 8-11 am AEDT (Thurs, 9 pm-12 am UTC)
  • Badgr Europe - Once every three weeks on Thursdays @ 9 pm-12 am GMT (9 pm-12 am UTC)
    If you have any questions about the process, please contact support@badgr.com